June 30, 2012

Gush and Gripe #6


First of all we'd like to WELCOME our new followers and THANK our existing ones, blogging wouldn't be as fun without all of you. We never expected we'll get this much satisfaction from rambling but we are loving the ride so far.

It was an amazing month with our first Blogoversary! June was such a success not only because of the epic giveaways thrown but we've made a lot of viable connection with a lot of people which makes the next couple of months even more exciting for us and for YOU, our followers, as well. We are very happy that all of you responded well to our giveaway and really participated in the blog party we threw for a month.

Again, THANK YOU to all of you who celebrated our EPIC birthday! We really pulled all the stops on this one and it'll be a little hard for us to top ourselves next year. But we'll make sure we'll have fun trying.

Stay tuned because tomorrow we'll be announcing the winners for the

Reader Tribute and Blogoversary giveaway!


  1. Congratulations!!!!! I love you girls!!! XOXO!! Without your blog & my blog we would have never met!!! ;)

  2. Congrats Braine and Cimmaron!! I've had fun blogging and meeting u girls and finding new book bfs to fall in love with thanks to you both x] Lol *heres to another year of blogging. pours champagne and raises glass* :)

  3. Thank you and looking forward to more fangirling with you girls. Blogging taught me how to fangirl properly, I'm usually a stoic when it comes to reading.


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