June 18, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Jessica Hamby

Jessica Hamby
aka Baby Vamp

lived and died in Shreveport, Louisiana
progeny of Bill Compton.

Jessica is a fresh addition to the story and though she's not written in the Southern Vampire Mystery/Sookie Stackhouse books, Charlaine Harris thought that she was a wonderful addition to the cast. Jessica is even mentioned in one of Charlaine's interviews wishing she'd thought of her character first.
 Jessica is indeed an asset to the show, not only is she hot but her story line is worth following. Here is a Christian teen brought up in a strict, God-fearing household, turned into a vampire against her will and is now exposed to the dark and seductive world of vampires. 

The contrast of good and evil, restriction and independence is portrayed well through Jessica. I personally find it funny that she will forever remain a virgin, that scene with Hoyt on the couch was probably one of the funniest in Season three. 
 And it looks like our baby vamp is not done wreaking havoc and breaking people's hearts.

What did you think about last night's episode? 

I can't get enough of Reverend Newlin's fang boner and how he might chip a fang over Jason's tight ass.


  1. she's changed so much since Season 1! At first she really got on my nerves but now she's super cool and kick-ass. I was so sad when she left Hoyt, but I guess as a vampire she's got to discover herself first.
    And that scene with her and the Steve Newlin talking about Jason has got to be my favorite in the episode!

  2. LMAO!!!! Chip a tooth on Jason's ass LMAO!!! That's hilarious!!<3

    Cute that you girlies chose Jessica for girl crush Monday!! Love it. I thought she was awesome on last nights episode!!! "My Dad's The King"


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