June 27, 2012

Early Review: Goddess in the Middle by Stephanie Julian

Series: Forgotten Goddesses 3
Format: ARC (NetGalley)
Excerpt here
Release Date: July 1, 2012
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Amity, the Goddess of Health, works as a medical aesthetist, using her remaing goddess powers to help people heal their spirits. Her profession soon brings two masculine Etruscan werewolves, Remy and Rom, into her life. The two werewolves have been searching for a woman powerful enough to handle both of them, but they've never met a woman strong enough...until they meet Amity. Toegether they must use the power generated by their love to kill a vicious demon and keep him locked away forever, or risk losing everything.

Due to the strong sexual content of the story, cover art and book synopsis, these books and the corresponding reviews are recommended for readers 18 and up.
GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE is an apt title for Stephanie Julian's third Forgotten Goddesses novel. After reading this I had a strange impulse to be caught in an Etruscan man-wich, double stuffed please! Double entendres aside, GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE was exciting, provocative and definitely searing. The plot was as appealing as the sex and the characters are written well.
Rom felt no jealousy as Remy kissed her If it'd been anyone else, he would have torn his head off. Damn, this was so fucked up. 
So Amity got lucky and caught herself two hot werewolves, the cousins Romulus & Remus Cangelosi. What started as a fun one night stand turned into a feeding frenzy of sorts, turns out the cousins have magic and by sleeping with Amity, they feed her powers magnifying her healing abilities. But aside from the torrid love scenes, there is a plausible story going side by side with it. Charun, the Etriscan God of the Underworld, is after Goddesses and their powers and Amity is his next target, Charun is a formidable villain, crafty and cunning. I can't say it enough but I love stories based on ancient myths, I'm not familiar with the Etruscan pantheon which makes GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE even more exciting to me. Learning and reading about them adds to the flavor.
Guess all those Doublemint ads weren't wrong.
Double your pleasure, double your fun.
But who am I kidding, right? Of course I got GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE  for all the raunchy reading it'll give me! And I promise SJulian delivered in that area, if you have threesome fantasies then you can live it vicariously through Amity, I didn't even think I have one until this! And to set your expectations, Amity, Rom and Remy did every threesome activity you've probably seen watching porn. I'm not well versed in threesome activities but Amity sure wasn't shy nor was she afraid to revisit THAT side of her sexuality. After all, she had lived through the Roman Empire and the 19th century England had much been so much more debauched than one might think. Suffice to say there were a lot of double stuffing that went on.

So go ahead, I know the title is still up in NetGalley, pick this up and have your fill of Gods, Goddesses, werewolves, magic and lots and lots of book porn.

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  1. I am not too crazy about mythology. I am not into porn so it doesn't sound like a book for me. Thanks for the review though.

    1. That's ok, that's what we're here for, we help you pick books that suits your taste. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I love mythology. I studied it in college for a semester. Would love to read this one!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    1. Well pagan gos are promiscuous so I must say their category is indeed under erotica. I mean, Zeus has countless illegitimate kids right?

  3. I've been wanting to try this series! Thanks for a great review :)

    1. I want to read the first two myself but my TBR is about to swallow me whole right now, better tackle that first. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  4. You had me at Etruscan-manwhich double stuffed! ;) I been meaning to read this book cause of the smut factor, looks like you had quite the fun reading it Braine, and welcome to the world of threesome fantasies ;) Lol

    Neyra @DarkestAddictions

    1. Neyra you are so funny! LOL I always thought there'd be another girl if I happen to be caught in one, two guys is too much. After this I had a change in perspective

  5. Braine, you are really bringing on your naughty side. I love it!!;) You know I own the first book and I couldn't get into it. Glad to see enjoyed this one girlie!!;)

    1. I find it funny when you guys comment on me being "naughty", I feel so virginal when in fact I was a teen mom! Stupidity aside that implies a lot and none of them are "tame" LOL.

      Well I was in it for the heat so the story was secondary. ;)

  6. OoOo! This looks awesome! I love the 2M/1F books...used to scare me but I *almost* think I could handle it! lol!

    New follower here! ;)


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