June 15, 2012

Review: Between You and Me by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Series: Stand-alone
Format: ARC (NetGalley)
Excerpt here
Release Date: June 12, 2012
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In Between You and Me, twenty-seven-year-old Logan Wade has built a life for herself in New York City, far from her unhappy childhood in Oklahoma. But when she gets the call that her famous cousin needs a new assistant, it’s an offer she can’t refuse. Logan hasn’t seen Kelsey since they were separated as kids; in the meantime, Kelsey Wade has become one of Fortune Magazine’s most powerful celebrities and carrion for the paparazzi. But the joy at their reunion is overshadowed by the toxic dynamic between Kelsey and her controlling parents. As Kelsey grasps desperately at a “real” life, Logan risks everything to try and give her cousin the one thing she has never known—happiness. As Kelsey unravels in the most horribly public way Logan finds that she will ultimately have to choose between saving her cousin and saving herself.
I never thought I'd ever use the 1 cauldron rating but I can't help but do so. Now before I go any further, if you are a fan of Britney Spears, yes Britney frickin' Spears, and her meltdown drama then you'll probably like LOVE this.

When I read the synopsis I thought that BETWEEN YOU AND ME is something like that 1988 movie Beaches (Bette Midler). Unfortunately as the story unfolds I realized I was reading a Britney Spears fictional biography of sorts. Kelsey Wade (Britney) is a pop superstar who is in the middle of having a meltdown. After her controlling father, Andy, fired her manager Delia (Adam Leber), she then asked her cousin, Logan Wade (Sam Lufti) to be her assistant and together they traveled the world while on tour. Kelsey is having a poor-little-rich-girl phase, fame, constant touring, endless interviews, etc. burned her out so she then hooked up with her back up singer, Aaron (Kevin Federline) and then got married and had a kid. The rest is history. 

Obviously the character development was non existent. Kelsey wasn't redeemed, Logan didn't fight nor influence her to make better choices, nobody did jack shit to put Kelsey's parents in their places, it just kept going down, down, down. 

I like controversial trainwrecks like an average person but I was expecting and hoping that Kelsey will win in the end. I want her to triumph and defeat the adversities that life threw her way. I wanted Logan, Aaron, ANYBODY to give Kelsey a good shake and tell her to grow up and make better choices. By 40% of the story I completely failed to discern Logan's role until the painful end, she was more of an accessory and enabler than anything else, she was merely a hanger on, a privileged groupie and not the savior I was expecting her to be. I can't consider Kesley's hardships "conflicts" because there was no resolution. The ending was supposed to be a cliffhanger but in my opinion BETWEEN YOU AND ME just fell of the cliff. At least Britney is on her way to getting a HEA.

There were a couple of funny interludes and the writing isn't that bad. The character interactions were OK and since the story is familiar, the scenes that played out were convincing enough. I'm disappointed because aside from the names, the story obviously isn't original. I find it hard to believe that this is a COLLABORATION! How can TWO PEOPLE came up with this and agreed to make a story out of it?! 

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  1. Wow it sounds draining. Not what I'm looking for in a book. Thanks for taking one for the team;)

    1. LOL this comment is funny! Now that you mentioned it, at least "taking one for the team" gives me comfort. Thanks love!

  2. Sorry, but I found this review amusing. I do not like Britney or her drama, so I definitely will not be reading this book. Thank you for sharing your opinion on it though. Do you wish you could get back the time you spent reading it? Lol. :)

    1. Glad to have done so, at least it took part of the edge off. And Yes! I wish I could take my afternoon back!

  3. I thought that the synopsis was intriguing, so I can see why you grabbed it from Netgalley. It is too bad that it turned out to be such a disappointment. With so many books to read I wont bother. Thank you for the informative and honest review, it is much appreciated.

    1. True! I thought this was going to be a strong Women's Literature and the indomitable bond between friends and cousins. To use Britney's life, the story ended when her Dad became her conservator. I wish they chopped off some parts so they can include the "Jason" part.

  4. OMG!!! I laughed so hard when I read this review!!! I love Britney spears and I want her to do Gordon the X Factor but I still poke fun at her! Lmao!! Btw!! Kevin Federline is from Fresno and he used to work at Red Carpet Car Wash washing my moms car in high school, and we hung out in same crowd. When he said he was going to Hollywood I was like so jealous because I'm a singer and I was like if he makes it then Mom I can make it to!! LOL. But anyways that lucky guy made it because he married Britney and now he's rich bitch!! LOL. I just loved your review and I had to share this!!

    P.s. Britney bought a house behind my parents for Kevin and when he is thee with kids not often, I ride my beach cruiser bicycle to try to be nosey in front of their house looking for Britney!! Haha. I'm. Stalker...;)

    Awesome review!! I won't be reading this! LOL:) great job Braine.

    1. I was actually thinking about you while I was reading this train wreck, I remember you mentioned KFed before and your shared past. I love Britney too but come on! I can't believe that two people brainstormed and agreed to publish this!

      Anyway, I am still waiting for that sound byte from you, I truly want to hear you sing, Vain.

      P.S. let us know when you've finally snapped a photo of them :D

    2. LMAO!!! I loved that you thought of me while reading about a Britney train wreck. Lmao!! No seriously this sounds like a fan-fiction version of Britney's life! Also I mean c'mon I'm with you on this one,did it really take two people to put together a work of fan fiction?? I mean even EL James did it on her own! LMAO....

      I haven't sang in a very long time, I became bitter and sick with failure and trust me many times I want to go back, but it's a big decision because it's a lot of work, and your vocal cords are like a know how you go to the gym when your out of shape?? Well that how your voice is without practice so I suspect it would take me a good year to be back to the level I sang at, and I'm nowhere near there now, but I was exceptionally good before. Maybe I can get over my feeling of failure and put myself out there once again and go hardcore again and who knows maybe by the time we meet at AAD 2013 I can bust out in a song for you. I know I wiukd enjoy that because lately especially after watching the Rock of Ages movie I miss singing like a blind man misses his eyesight! Words can not describe how much! LOL. (p,s, I commented you back on my rock of ages review)

      Great job this weekend manning the blog without Cimmaron!!! If she's not careful she will come back to a blog called Talking Supe with Braine. LMAO!!! J/K ;) I love you two together!!

  5. i believe this is the first time i saw you give a one flaming cauldron..

    the blurbs is interesting, but is it really that bad? i can't believe a wonderful blurbs developed into a horrible read. but maybe they really meant to make a britney-like story.. hmm..


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