May 8, 2012

Review: Vampire Hollows by Tim O'Rourke

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Series: Kiera Hudson I 5
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With nowhere else to run to but the Hollows, Kiera Hudson finds herself in a world like no other. Entrusted with a secret, she has to make her way to the mysterious Light House set hundreds of miles beneath the Earth. As she makes her journey, Kiera’s companions are being murdered one by one. But is the killer amongst them and is it Elias Munn?

Not knowing who to trust, who to love and who to believe, Kiera makes the most dangerous journey of her life, in search of the Elders hidden within the walls of the Dust Palace. With time running out, Kiera knows she must finally choose which race should live and which race should die.

The final instalment in Kiera Hudson Series One.

Dear Tim O'Rourke,

I know you've been following my status messages and Kiera Hudson comments in Goodreads so I'm pretty sure that you will be reading this little review too. As I said in my last Vampire Hollows status, be ready for some major gripes. 

So Mr. O'Rourke, why do you have to be so clever?!

Now after 5 books and late nights, you made me fall in love with the characters. You had me laughing at  Potter's dry sense of humor and his loyalty to his friends, Murphy and Luke. Then you introduced Kayla and Isidor, and Kiera officially had a family which made me glad because she's so alone and in need of trustworthy companions for her quest. Afterwards you took me for an emotional ride with all the conspiracies, betrayal and distorted versions of reality that made me paranoid and start suspecting everyone. But that's ok because I expect nothing less than a climactic ending to the series. 

And then Kiera started unraveling because you put her under too much stress and tested the limits of her strength and sensibilities to the point where she doesn't trust anybody, even herself. Her judgments clouded her sight which almost made it impossible for her to untangle the murders and mysteries until it's almost too late!

As for Kiera's love interests, I was initially rooting for Luke but you've managed to convince me that crude, chain smoking Sean Potter is a better consort for Kiera. Again this is fine because love is complicated and fictional characters deal with extraordinary problems all the time. A story isn't as entertaining and exciting to read without stressful relationships and jumbled up emotions. I appreciate the excitement of Kiera and Potter's budding romance and I had myself cheering out loud when Kiera and Potter finally managed to admit their feelings to each other. Sure Kiera isn't 100% convinced that Potter won't break her heart but heck! The heart wants what the heart wants.

There's a darkness about you, but I'm drawn to it, even thought I get the feeling that I'm going to get hurt. I can't help myself. 

Now what I don't appreciate is you doing some major spring cleaning on your cast of characters. Of course this is the last book of Kiera Hudson part 1 but I never in a million years expected that you will make me go through a string of emotions that will rival Disney's popular Animal Kingdom ride, Expedition Everest (I went pale and had fits of dry heaving after I rode that darn thing)! And then after gutting everyone, including myself, you kill Kiera (this is not a spoiler because the synopsis of Dead Flesh tells us that much)! What were you thinking?!

So now book 1, Dead Flesh, of Kiera Hudson series 2 is out and everyone comes back from the dead. I don't know what you're trying to pull here but after Hollows I have to take a short break. I don't know what your plans are exactly but I'm pretty sure torturing your readers is one of them. And I'm convinced that the new series will be better than part 1, Michelle says as much and I trust her when it comes to Kiera.

Thank you for an awesome albeit sometimes frustrating books, reading you is like a mental work out! I am bracing myself for the next book and I wonder how you're going to pull off the back-from-the-dead stunt. However I know for a fact that the wheels of your clever mind has gotten extra bolts to make sure that we'll be laughing, crying and screaming in frustration at the same time. So it is with great trepidation that I will start Dead Flesh. 

Until next time!

Still recovering,


  1. "Now what I don't appreciate is you doing some major spring cleaning on your cast of characters"

    Hehe!!....LOVE your review!! I am still getting over some of his spring cleaning.

    Oh yes!! I have read many things * wink* everybody is in for a real treat!!!!!!!!!!!
    So hang on to your seats:D:D
    YEs! Mr O'Rourke , errrr...I feel like I should call him Mr O'Rourke..hehe!! this party has only just finished but another one is starting....WOW! that's all I am gonna say:D

    That was a very enjoyable review!! I could 'feel'how you felt in your words....if that makes sense. I like to 'feel' when I read.

    Good One Matey!


    1. Lol I don't know what I have gotten myself into! I feel like an open letter is the best way to express my thoughts and feelings abput the book and series in general. But I do love Tim's writing.

    2. See these books are not easy to review!! We find ourselves resorting to different more creative methods to express ourselves...but I likey:D:D

      You have seen the cover for Dead Night # 1.5 haven't you? How smokin'is Sophie???


    3. Yes! Who are those people doing the covers? Like "Potter" and "Kiera" and "Sophie", do you know?

    4. I know that Carles in Spain does the covers. He doesn't speak English so through translation, Tim gets covers made. Miss Suzi my darling friend in Melbourne has started doing covers for Tim now. I put Tim onto her as she just needed a nudge as she is an artist and a photoshop bunny. She just needed a little support and encouragment and NOW!! she is off like a firecracker. I always knew she was a real talent!! If you go to Tim's ravenwoods page he has Carles and Suzi posted there. Suzi has started doing a lot of things behind the scenes and is getting encouragment from other blogs now too. Tim has Carles contact details there.But the actual models, not sure if Carles pays the models or it's photobucketed and then put together. Sophie looks a gorgeous MAC!!




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