May 8, 2012

Review: A Touch of Greek by Tina Folsom

Series: Out of Olympus 1
Format: Digital (NetGalley)
Release Date: December 10, 2010
Purchase: Amazon
Selfish and gorgeous Greek God Triton is cast out of Olympus after seducing Zeus’ mistress and can only gain reentry if he finds a woman who loves him for his kindness and selflessness, not his beauty. When the mortal Sophia – recovering from an eye operation and virtually blind – needs a home healthcare worker, he takes on the role, hoping she will be his ticket home.

While defending Sophia from an unknown adversary, Triton’s protective instinct emerges. At the same time rival Gods do everything to doom him to failure. And even if Triton can win Sophia’s love, will he throw it away to return home, or will he lose his own heart to the only woman who truly sees him?
A TOUCH OF GREEK by Tina Folsom was an ok read however I was expecting it to be funnier and more romantic based on the synopsis and book excerpt. A group of narcissistic and selfish Greek Gods guarantees chaos on so many different levels which equates to a light and entertaining read. And it sort of did that but fell a little short in my humble opinion. 

The first part of the book alternated between Sophia and Triton's back stories. It tells us why Triton is cast out from Olympus and his punishment promises an exciting romantic adventure with a few tears and lots of passion along the way. Now for Sophie's, I felt like hers was a little too dramatic and dark in contrast to Triton's. She had death, an unfortunate accident, a jerk of a cousin who wants to blackmail her and make her life difficult plus the shadow of her mother's possible lunacy in the background. This is not a Drew Barrymore movie that I was initially expecting.
"Oh God, yes," she rasped.
"You may call me Triton -- I think we're past all formalities"
I feel like there are two parts of the story, Triton's was funny, all blond and blue eyed like him with a lot of tan to make things interesting. He's sexy and skilled in the sack, his sexcapades and powers of seduction proves that he is a God and a more than competent lover. His contribution to the flow of the book was light and airy, his interactions with Hermes, Eros and Dionysius were funny similar to spoiled, carousing and rogue frat boys. There were lot of debauchery, womanizing, roughing up in between conspiracies and slap sticks to switch things up a bit a provide comedic relief. 

I like Sophie per se, she's a pool of contradictions, a soft but tough girl who is vulnerable because of her situation but strong enough to endure the trials she has to face. I wish that she were the one who took care of her problems with her cousin, Michael, and the rude bank manager instead of having Triton and Poseidon do the dirty deeds for her. It would've made her character development interesting and puts her persona in balance with Triton making her a fit consort for the God.

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