May 11, 2012

Lover Reborn Favorite Quotes

Cimmaron's Review
So I finally got to read Tohr's book and suffice to say that I felt like I ran a full marathon the morning after, all those emotions swirling around sure took it's toll on me. I ditto every good thing y'all said about the book and more. I'm still a little disappointed about Payne because I really want her in warrior mode, glad all the Brothers made cameos, I'm all for Qhuinn and Layla's modern family plus Blay. But the one I'm really eager to read is Xcor & Layla's curious connection. I have a feeling Ward is going to pull a fast one on this. 

2013 can't come soon enough.

Here are my favorite quotes from the book:

Who the hell did they think had moved in here? One of those Kardashian nut jobs? - Xhex

Life is meant to be lived blind -- that's how you don't take shit for granted. - Vishous

I'll teach the fucker to read, V muttered. By cramming the Library of Congress up his ass.

I don't want to screw you. You're too flat chested, for one thing -- I'm a boob man. - Lassiter

'Tis the only virtue that matters - Xcor on the virtue of waiting

If I can live through the evens, I can get through the memories - No'One

The Band of Bastards is kicking at a hornet's nest the likes of which they will not walk away from - Wrath

I accept you just as you are, in any fashion you choose to come to me - No'One to Tohr

You watch yourself, son - this little go-around proves to have your fingerprints anywhere near it, and your next house is a pine box. - Wrath

And what about you fighting? You face your own goddamn birthing bed every night! - Tohr reminiscing on Wellsie

Service me so that we may each have a future that is at least partially our own. Service me, Qhuinn - Layla (I never would've used the word "service" as an alternative to "let's have sex" but yeah, this works! LOL)

I'll keep us entertained, I'll bet I can find us a Real Housewives marathon. I'm hoping it'll be New Jersey. But I'll take Atlanda. Or B.H. - Lassiter (Vain & I have found another Housewife fan!)

What's your favorite quote &/or scene?


  1. Oh man, I'm so far behind on this series! I think I've read the first four (though maybe it's just three, I'll have to check) and I like them but it's definitely a series I need to read them far apart cause I can only handle so much as far as the romance aspect. I love the whole idea and world and stuff though. I need to try to get a little more caught up!
    I'm glad it gave you plenty to think about when running a marathon! I love books like that!

  2. Hi Braine :)

    I'm so happy you loved this book as much as Cimmaron and I did!!;) Oh and great review!! Also thanks for shut out about the Housewives!! Lol!!! :)) love it.

    P.s. did you hear that GCB did not get picked up for a second season yesterday?? I'm sad to hear that, it was so funny!!:)


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