May 1, 2012

Gush and Gripe #4

What do Stephanie Meyers, Richelle Mead, E.L James, and Patricia Briggs have in common?

Washington State!

The authors either live in Washington or have written novels that are based in Washington.

I'm not a native Washingtonian but I've easily have fallen in love with this place over the last ten years. From the lush rain forests, towering mountain ranges, breathtaking islands of the Puget Sound and arid deserts on the East side, Washington state is pretty awesome. One of the things I love most about this state is that so many great authors call Washington home. Right off the top of my head I know that Patricia Briggs, Christina Dodd, Richelle Mead, Kat Richardson, Lisa Kleypass, Debbie Macomber, Marissa Meyer, Yasmine Galenorn and Katie MacAlister all call Washington home for most of the year.

But aside from all these authors calling Washington home, so many great novels and series are based in Washington. Most recently E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey series has been garnering tons of media coverage for it's enigmatic male protagonist and it's steamy love scenes. The illustrious Christian Grey owns two residences and runs his billion dollar business from Seattle. Twilight fans know that Edward Cullen and his coven of vampires hide out in the small Olympic Peninsula town of Forks. Patricia Briggs, Mercy Thompson, roams the lower eastern corner of the state while Kat Richardson's Harper Blaine walks the streets of Seattle with ghosts, witches and vampires.

I don't know if its the air or rain water that makes this state so special but I'm so glad that so many authors call this place home or set their stories in one of the fabulous cities within this state.

A couple of pictures from my Twilight fandom days. Drove 6 hours across the state just to visit Forks. I didn't find any glittering vampires or run into any of the wolf pack while walking down the beach in La Push. I did find some cool campsites my friends I could could camp out during the summers.

I'll be doing the Gripes part of this post.

We all heard and followed the most recent plagiarism drama that rocked the blogosphere. Suffice to say that a lot of us were disappointed with how things went down. But that's not what I'm griping about.  TSS' apology confused me and no matter how she spins it what's done is done and the only way to handle that mess was to own it. Now what ticked me off were the audience participation. I was following this comment thread and it felt like mean girls open season. Attacks were being hurled about ethnicity and name calling started because of debates on technicality which had nothing to do with the main topic anymore.

Lastly I was following this indie author's blog because of his original and truly hilarious posts about zombies and pop culture. But he totally let me down when he started bashing one of his followers who is incidentally a fellow indie author because the latter gave one of his novels a two star review. The review, which he shared and ridiculed in his blog, was a constructive criticism. It basically said the book needs to be edited because of numerous grammatical errors and typos, redundancies and inconsistencies but still ended with a recommendation, stating that it might not be for her. So zombie writer not only started calling this person stupid and other names but encouraged his other followers to join in the game. Glad zombie guy finally cancelled his blog.

So what are you Gushing and Griping 
about this month?


  1. LOL about the Washington State thing! I never really gave that sort of geography stuff a thought because coming from California there are lots of books and writers swirling there. But I agree with you, there's something in the water up there in the northwest to produce so many good books. :D

    As to Zombie guy- so out of line! Sounds like the gal gave him good advice and she didn't leave him as a DNF, but gamely read it and reviewed it.

  2. My fave series areMercedes Thompson & Greywalker. I'm reading this non-fiction, Fanpire, and the person is a teacher at one of the schools in Forks. It's very interesting because she talks about orher people's Twilight journey and her experiences about the whole thing. I never realized Twilight is really BIG! I thought it was limited to merchandise and screaming fans, i never thought it has bevome his industry with Bella defense classes and Twi Con! I'm so blown away right now it's ridicilous. Lol

    1. Bella defense classes? WOW...I didn't know about all that. What sort of defenses would they be teaching because I always saw her as a weak little thing? LOL!

      But Twilight was/is still huge. Remember all the shirts, blankets and other crap I had? LMAO I'm so ashamed I was ever like that.

    2. Exactly! I like it because the author and I share the same sentiments about Twilight but she's taking the scholar approach where I'm being all ghetto about it. LOL it's in Netgalley instant download, just less than 200 pages

  3. Hey thanks for sharing!! I got this in my email last night and I resd this post and laughed because you both are trying to display your affection for Seattle when in reality your just stopping over so Cimmaron can try to break into Escala and sleep with my BF!;) lol. Also I loved Braine's gripe too! Cimmaron and I were having a field day watching the drama unfold on twitter, we were DM-ing about it. All we needed was popcorn and we were at a WWF match! LOL

    Thanks for sharing Girlies!

    1. Vain -

      I will never be able to walk around Seattle again without constantly looking over my shoulder to see if Christian Grey is around. Nor will I be able to ignore any Audi SUV's driving by. While I was downtown I looked in all the gift shops to see if they had any Seattle keychaines with LED lights. LOL!

    2. Yeah that's a disappointing and an embarrassing day for us bloggers. Sad that people just need the slightest of reasons to go off on someone. C and I were texting too saying those people are scary. LOL


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