May 16, 2012

Cheating on Gandy with Henry Cavill

I've been single for a while now
And I've been kind of lonely

But I'm looking for somebody to talk to,
Love me, someone who can hold me,
Is that you? 

I'm looking for somebody I can call boo
Looking for the only one that I can give my all to

Tell me if it's you.
You can be my teacher
I'll do homework

You can give me extra credit, baby
I'll do more work.
You can be my prince

My knight
You can be my superman
Save me here I am! 

Call me mama, spoil you like a baby
Thinking about you, dreaming about you
Got me going crazy.
 Whatever you want
Baby I'll do
I know I don't want nobody else but you...

NOTE: Song lyrics: Promise performed by Ciara. Photos from Henry Cavill Fcebook Fan Page, Tudors, Superman & Immortal, Dunhill ad stills. Video from Youtube (utubeacct2008)


  1. Dear David Gandy,
    I would just like for you to know that Cheating on Gandy was Braine's idea. You know I would never deliberately hurt you right? It's just that I've been lonely too and well you travel a lot being the supermodel that you are. So you must understand how difficult it was for me to say now, especially to Henry Cavill. Please try to understand. Don't hate me. This woman has needs too. You're still my #1 Boo and will always be. Please don't hate me.


    1. ROFL! Bones called, he was looking for you!

    2. Cavill is my Bones. At least I think that's who I could see. It's mostly for the British accent. The again Gandy would be Bones too.

  2. I was just going to ask where Gandy was!! I can't believe your cheating!!?!!!

    Btw! Bones in my feature is Chris Hemsworth when he has his blonde hair short, but I found a sexy Cavil pic that made me love him too. I send to you tomorrow, and they're both sexy!;) Love this post!!!

    Poor Gandy :( he's going to be so sad when he discovers you are cheating on him. Well I guess I could do what I once wished for Gandy one do to me on a Wednesday Gandy post of yours long ago......I guess I can feed Cavill, bathe him, and take him home with me. That will be my philanthropic deed for the week.;)

    1. Hahaha this cracked me up!

      In all honesty, Gandy took a break, Cimmaron has been riding him for over a year it's time for his vacay. And yes that would be a good philanthropic deed.

  3. OMG!!! I LOVE Henry! He looks good in anything! He could have a bad haircut (which never seems to happen) and still look amazing! Thank you for all of the yumminess. ;D
    I think he should be playing Spartacus!

    1. I know right! His boy-next-door looks, warm chocolate eyes with those spidery lashes are just dreamy... sigh....


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