May 15, 2012

Review: Blood Possession by Tessa Dawn

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Series: Blood Curse #3
Format: Digital
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Release Date: May 15, 2012
Source: Borrowed from Diana
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Napolean Mondragon is no ordinary man. He is the sovereign lord of the house of Jadon, the very heart-beat of the Vampyr race, and a fearsome leader who rules with absolute authority and power. While he carries the blood of every vampire in his veins; he also carries a dark secret of shame in his heart…

A secret that will soon be used against him by his enemies.

When Brooke Adams comes to Dark Moon Vale for a conference, she is unaware of the hidden danger that dwells within the valley’s majestic forest. A rising star in the corporate world, she has only one goal: to sale a leading-edge concept to her boss and advance her career. Little does she know, her life is about to change…forever.

Caught in a tangled web of vengeance and deception, Napolean and Brooke are forced to confront their inner demons. Together, they must fight to survive a BLOOD POSSESSION
I was eagerly looking forward to this book because I absolutely loved the first two books of the series, Blood Destiny and Blood Awakening, and when BLOOD POSSESSION came out, I was absolutely excited for the bells and whistles of Napolean Mondragon's, Blood Moon, the King and Keeper of the Sword of Andromeda!

Obviously I wasn't as satisfied with the latest Blood Curse installment compared to the first two books. For some reason I found it a challenge to stay glued to the story, I missed some of the minute (but my personal favorites) details from the previous two books that went AWOL in this one. Like for example, the beautiful way that these vampires summon their young and that heartbreaking moment where the mother has to give up one of her child as sacrifice. The concept may be redundant but the experience differs for every person so I would have liked to see how Napolean and Brooke handled that.

As for Brooke, there were some missing pieces in her character development. I remember when Jocelyn fought Nathaniel tooth and nail before she finally embraced her Destiny which is an expected reaction that Brooke didn't fully demonstrate. Let me reiterate that Tessa Dawn's vampires are far from cuddly, they are beyond Alpha so to be part of that Vampire coven isn't easy. Brooke on the other hand was very accepting of her fate, I mean Napolean wasn't really subtle when he claimed Brooke, then there's all that nasty business with her Stepfather's death, the BLOOD POSSESSION, rape and having a kid in a span of several weeks and yet Brooke seemed so desensitized through it all.  After her birth we find her marveling at how her body basically remained the same after giving birth to twins while preparing herself for Napolean's homecoming. Maybe it would've been better if Napolean let her keep some of her memories because that would have been a very interesting arc in the story.

On the flip side, I absolutely adore Braden Bratianu! I can't wait for the kid to grow up and realize the full potential of his power. On a sad note, I am distraught over the Nachari's sacrifice and the price he has to pay to save Napolean from his BLOOD POSSESSION, the agony that his brothers have to go through again after losing Shelby just two months previous is heartbreaking. Nachari is my favorite and based on the ending, I am crossing my fingers that his Blood Moon will be the next story told.


  1. I love how I first mentioned this series to you and you end up reading it before I did. I just remembered I still have the first book and I've never gotten to read. I'm ashamed of myself.

    1. Yeah coz I got lucky and won book 1 from Diana. Lol

  2. I'm really sorry that this book didn't live up to the previous one! Those missing details are, sometimes, what make or kill the story.

    And it might seem like nothing, but I find that Brooke being able to adapt so fast to a situation any normal person wouldn't be able to accept is quite off-putting. I'll make a point to start this series in some other book if I get around to it, and not build my expectations too high!

    Thanks for the great review, Braine!

    1. I agree, this is a whirlwind type of situation and even if your memory got wiped one should still feel skeptic. Heck! I'd be scared if my hubby can wipe my memory, makes one wonder what else he erased.

    2. I don't think I'd want to stick around to a hubby that could erase memories. Unless he erased the fact that I knew he could erase them... :)

  3. Aww, it's always so much easier for a book to let you down when you really liked the first few -- it's too bad that this happened with this book! But this series still sounds so epic, Braine! Vampires and secrets and awesome side characters? Yes please! :)

    Awesome honest review, Braine! Thanks for letting me know about this series -- hopefully the next book is just as you want it to be! ;)

  4. Awesome and honest review as always hon. Sorry this didn't quite do it for you. I like that this one was different than the others though. I didn't expect Napoleon's to be like the others given who he is. And seeing where we are at now, Nachari's will definitely be different. Wow, just wow. He has always been my favorite, so i am super excited for his book especially now. I am so with you on that Braden has been a favorite since the beginning and I can't wait until we get his story. I know he will play a huge part in Nachari's rescue. Great review again hon. Thank you so much and you are welcome. You can borrow a book anytime :)


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