April 11, 2012

Review: Wolf House by Tim O'Rourke

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Series: Kiera Hudson I 4.5
Format: Digital
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Release Date: December 21, 2011
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As Potter leaves Kiera and his friends to go in search of Luke, he makes a lonely journey across the snow-capped mountains of Cumbria. Haunted by the death of Murphy, the capture of Luke and the love that he feels for Kiera, Potter reflects on his past life and the disturbing events that took place at the Wolf House.

He remembers his first encounter with the werewolves, how he had to save Murphy and Luke, and capture the serial killer who was murdering the children from the town of Little Hope.
In this little novella we understand the motives behind Potter's behavior in Vampire Breed. In book 4, he seemed to be unraveling, scaring Kiera and planting seeds of doubt in her heart.

WOLF HOUSE recounts Potter's past mission when they're were being framed for a crime they didn't commit. With his friends Murphy and Luke's lives at stake, Potter took it upon himself to solve the gruesome murders in exchange for their freedom and anonymity in the human world.

I was honestly expecting wise cracks and something Freudan or similar dysfunctionality, this is after all Potter's novella told in his POV. But surprisingly it's decent and straightforward, no sarcasm to hide his vulnerability. Yes I know Potter can be heroic but here we get to know more about his noble heart, even a bat can have a tender moment.

Like Kiera, I too was scared that he's starting to lose his marbles when Vampire Breed but I am more than relieved to know that his actions are justified. Sure taking justice on your own hands a vigilante move but in the world they move in, it's justice nonetheless.

I was hoping that he'll share with us something about his previous encounters with Kiera. He did confessed that it was love at first sight for him and I was expecting that we'll be treated to a romantic, knee-buckling novella. Maybe we'll be treated to something romantic in Part 2?

Hint! Hint!


  1. Oh, yes! Tim did hear from me when the certain thing happened in VB, but then WH , I was like , phew! Cause that was a rather spontaneous yet, scarey moment with Potter.

    WH is more of us seeing under those onion layers...prepares you for VH the finale!!! I can't wait for your review on VH !!!

    Wonderful as per usual:D


    1. I'm taking a little break, I feel like I ran a marathon, I'll start VH tomorrow.


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