April 9, 2012

Review: Vampire Breed by Tim O'Rourke

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Series: Kiera Hudson I 4
Format: Digital
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Release Date: December 6, 2011
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Kiera Hudson wakes to find herself imprisoned. Experiencing nightmares and visions, she slowly realises that she has been subjected to a series of sinister tests and operations. Addicted to blood and in pain, Kiera knows that if she is to survive she will need to escape from her cage. But who is the werewolf that secretly visits her during the night and can Kiera trust him? Where are her friends and why hasn’t Potter come to rescue her as he promised? With no word or message from Luke and Potter, she fears that they might be dead. 

But with only a chair and a book for comfort in her cage, can Kiera escape? And even if she does, what will she find on the other side of her cell walls?
My name is Kiera Hudson and I've been locked up in a zoo... I'm in a town called Wasp Water set amongst the Cumbria mountains. There are dead people here - hundreds of them...
The first half of VAMPIRE BREED is suspenseful and dark, the chapters were alternating between Kiera's visions/memories and her current reality. Our heroine has been captured by the Vampyrus and Lycanthrope, her DNA harvested so they can clone her and create an army to destroy the human race. Turns out she's the prophesied mediator that can and will end the destructive ambitions of the Vampyrus. But how can one person stop a legion of super bats and packs of rabid canine? It is a fate that she didn't ask for but something she can't run away from.
I've been operated on, bitten by a werewolf, imprisoned, beaten, forced to eat human flesh and to top it all off, I had to use a hole in the floor as a goddamn toilet!
That is a candid summary of everything wrong that went on in Kiera's life. Everything in this book is dark, depressing, filthy and trying. My heart goes out to Kiera, she only wanted to know what happened to her mom, she never expected that she'll be a stuff of legend much less treated baser than a rabid animal! On top of this, she's Changing and her craving for human flesh and blood is overpowering. Tim O'Rourke's description of how this part goes down is just graphic and the visuals are cringe worthy.

Too much is going on: she doesn't even have time to grieve her losses, to contemplate what her next move is, plan a rescue for Luke Bishop. Carpe Diem is a tremendous understatement for the vigilante group, they're either running or fighting with no breaks in between. Wasp Water is like a scene from Walking Dead, a town littered with dead bodies and vampires, it felt like Armageddon: dank and hopeless.
I love you! Happy now? I love you, okay? I love you so fucking much that it hurts! It's driving me insane!
That's just part of Sean Potter's monologue but it's enough to bring a little color in this otherwise utterly sad and depressing volume of the series. Thank heavens the tension between Kiera and Potter has been realized! This is why female readers love bad boys because it's in moments like this that they totally melt our hearts and make our knees weak. 

In conclusion, VAMPIRE BREED will test your limits. There's nothing pretty about this book, in fact it might make you lose a little bit of hope about the whether or not Kiera will survive all of this. The answers to the conspiracy, mysteries and the endless deceptions have been staring at me all along and that the revelations made my head spin. But the most wonderful part was it felt organic, it didn't feel like a well laid out plan by Tim O'Rourke. The next arc of the story wasn't a convenient twist placed to make the puzzles fit together, it's just how the story is supposed to be. 

I could go on and on but it's best if you get yourself a copy or at least read an excerpt of the books or even just Vampire Shift. If you don't get hooked then skip it, but I highly doubt that it won't pique your interest.


  1. Yup!! and there you have it!! Tim just bringing it to the table. HEHE!! Don't ya just love what Tim does to can be quite exhausting...Wolf House next!! and then the Finale...oooo and you aint seen nothin yet...mwah..ha..ha..haaaaaaa!!! * rubs hands together * Hold on to your pillow it's gonna be a bumpy ride:D:D:D

    Wonderful review Miss B. See can you pick the quote you put in your review that I couldn't use at the time as I was one of first to read and didn't want to spoil....only Potter can say it with such raw pain....bless that boy!

    Seriously ...wait until you have time for BHF...OMG!!!!!! Not that I am trying to be an enabler..hehe!!


    1. Yeah I took a break after this. I walked around for over an hour and now I'm diluting my brain with some dumb reality show. I need the brain empty for more Kiera. This was a trip to the dark side but i am excited for wolf house, finally i'll be inside Sean's head. Btw, enable me all you want

      P.S. i haven't finished Vampire Academy, do you recommend i read Bloodlines?

    2. Braine...I am enabling:D:D Oh hun, you think Kiera is dark....BHF...O.M.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like, seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yes my friend I do recommend finishing off VA first. Bloodlines is Adrian's spinoff so I personally would. Plus oh you can't miss more Dimitri...that boy is legendary! I personally found Bloodlines a bit quieter, I am hanging for The Golden Lily cause.............well I can't say..hehe!!

      I've just been racking my brain ( no pun intended) doing some Inteview Q's, kids are all on holidays. I must now go and spend time with them and then onto the Hunger Games again tonight with my friend.

      Have fun with Potter...Mr Cranky Pants!!


  2. Great review! I'll definitely think about checking this out in the future since it sounds really good! But I'm not the biggest vampire fan and have basically sworn all of them off, but I think I can make some exceptions. :)

    PS—I've given you an award!


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