April 13, 2012

Marked House of Night

read an excerpt
Obviously I'm still playing catch up with a LOT of awesome series. I'm in the middle of Vampire Academy and I thought to myself, What the heck! Might as well start House of Night too!

And was it a good decision.

I won't delve on the details of the books because I'm pretty sure you're familiar with this mother-daughter collaborations that this P.C. and Kristin Cast. So I'll just go ahead and gush about this series.

On my copy, there is a snippet of Mary Janice Davidson review saying she read it in one sitting. And she wasn't exaggerating when she said that.

Like Vampire Academy, I like the direction of this series. I'm not even sure why it's considered a YA read, probably because the characters are in High School? But their "juvenile" age didn't stop them from pursuing the rock 'n roll way of life: sex, drugs and alcohol and lots of magic.

I was shocked and pleased that P.C. and Kristin are not trying to rob their readers by painting these teenagers black and white and putting them on good or bad boxes. They talk about blow jobs, smoking weed, manipulation by sex in between classes of sociology and fencing. And I find that a realistic portrayal of real High School students between the ages of 16-18. Who are we kidding right? Chastity is a rare commodity much like French truffles.

This series is even more descriptive than Mercedes Thompson, my passion for Adam was certainly bridled by PBriggs by depriving me of details. The Casts didn't shie away from these delicate subjects and their characters are hardly black or white or even grey.


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