April 20, 2012

Guest Blogger: Novels on the Run

Our Guest Blogger this month are our favorite Aussie chicks 
Michelle and Marissa 

If you can Inkheart yourself into any book/series, what would it be and why?

Thank you girls for asking Marissa and I to Guest Blog . We are the two fuzzy wombats from Down Under. Marissa lives in Perth, Western Australia and I live in sunny Queensland on the East coast.

I love how the girls have kept us to 3 answers...hehe!! I am so busting to throw in The Night Huntress series ( Bones, need I say more), The Mortal Instruments series ( just throw me a character , I want to wear a rune that works and do something exciting) , The Demon Trappers series ( Team Beck , I want to get close enough to feed Justine some sugar, so she sprouts zits...), I do have a book, Die For Me by Amy Plum, I just wanna snuggle up to Jules. Sorry girls I got a bit excited at this question.

Ok I am being serious now:

Any of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, I’ll be happy to be in a new sequel, fan girl waving arms in the air. Need I really explain why? Ok if I must. One word , Shellan. Anybody who knows these books knows what I know and that is there are a lot of perks that come with being a Shellan..* waggles eyebrows* J.R Ward aka The Warden is just an incredible writer and it would be an honour to be in one of her books oh, plus .....errrrr having one of the Brothers in your life, that would be ok..hehe!! Heck I would even be happy to be a brother named Michael, just to have a nice hard body and beauty and power and do manly things and hang with the other brothers. That could be cool.

Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, again any book, Barrons fan girl all the way and general series worshipper, especially when the girls at Talk Supe so lovingly each week give us Hump David Gandy Day and he is absolutely gorgeous for Barrons. Now I would love to be Mac and grow into this kick ass chick, the boat has sailed in real life, but in my dreams that would be crazy. Mac certainly doesn’t have it easy and pain free, but it would be awesome to be Mac and face off against Barrons.

Bless if I can’t go past the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. I was halfway there after finishing each book. I was acting all proper and talking all English proper around the house whilst reading this series. To live through some Steampunk would be awesome as I soooo want me a pair of those goggles, plus a nice corset or two. I love Alexia’s mad word skills with Lord Maccon. She can handle anybody and any situation with grace and humour to boot. I want to also have a parasol and *thwack * somebody who needs *thwacking*.


THE IRON FEY series by Julie Kagawa

Why?...if nothing else than to be apart of such an amazing fantasy story. My mental image of the courts, the characters, the iron realm and the Nevernever are utterly magical – all thanks to the fabulous words of Julie Kagawa. I wouldn’t necessarily write myself in as the lead Meghan – though I love that she is a powerhouse of her own realm! Maybe I could be her side-kick that she has on hand to try and keep Puck in line….leading of course towards a romance and I could even harbor a secret crush on Ash…ooohhhh Ash!!!

PRIDE & PREJUDICE by Jane Austen

I get totally swept up by the romance, though just as equally frustrated by the chauvinistic attitude of people in that era. To write myself in to that story would mean a very independent and outspoken woman – more so than Elizabeth Bennett could be. I think I would miss my era too much though. For those that haven’t seen it…check out Lost in Austen which stars Jemima Rooper. I can so imagine that being me plonked straight into the original story!! Check out the trailer…



We absolutely adore these ladies and their reviews are always fun, although their vlogs are my favorite because of their lilting Aussie accents.

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Thanks for dropping by our blog Michelle & Marissa!


  1. Ladies....thank you so much to taking your time to be out guest blogger.

    Michelle - OK...LOVED all your answers!BDB, Barrons and Lord Maccon? YES, YES, YES! Being a BDB Shellan or just being around Barrons would be so intense but I would savor each minute. Then after all that excite sitting in an English manor drinking tea with Lord Maccon would just top it off. I do live him and Alexa together. They are just such a hoot!

    Marissa - Oh to be able to walk into the world Julie Kagawa would be absolutely amazing. I just pictures Summer Court to be lush and colorful. Even Winter Court seemed pretty with all that white snow. Also, I wouldn't mind having Puck or Ash give me tours.

    1. Morning Girls!!

      Awww thankyou so much for asking us. It is our first ever G yay! I had lots of fun as you can tell..hehe!!! Oh the visions in my head with being a Shellan, just puts a smile on ya face:D:D

      This was a lot of fun!!!!

      Hehe!! Marissa we have a lilt...*goes to look up what that means*...

      Thanks girls



    2. I am glad you had fun with your first G-Spot and I'm glad it's with us... ROFL... sorry I'm a little durrrty here. I love all the Brothers but if I were to be a Shellan I'd want to be Butch's Shellan... Marissa said he's bigger than her wrist and she's a vampire so she's taller than an average female... bigger bones... durrttyyy Braine

    3. I am seeing a name for a segment here....the G-Spot...I now get what I said.....oh dear..ha!

      Oh Butch is stunning...I think I love V too, but I may not be up to his s&M another life maybe!!! ???

      I had to laugh I bought all Fifty Shades on around $10.00 each. Today in Big W, Fifty Shades of Grey .02c cheaper, the paper back...I looked in the purse and said..ummmm.....YUSSSS!!! I MUST HAVE!!! I did:D Hubby is in Adelaide..South Australia for a mates b'day, now I thought I could have a snuggle with Christian, but!! I have some immediates I must get done.So no Christian just yet:(((( I know when I open that book up, the schedule must be cleared.....


      Sometimes one isn't thinking when one writes something..must be that Aussie accent...hehe!!


  2. Okay, so I must admit that I have just started reading the first book "Dark Lover" in the BDB series :) I am loving it :D I am literally flying through it! I have not read the Iron Fey series but I really want to and hope I can soon (TBR list is crazy big). I enjoyed this post and the answers :D Going to check out Novels on the Run right now :D Have a wonderful Friday!!!

    Kayla @ <a href=">Reading On The Wild Side</a>

    1. Kayla - You will love the BDB series. I've read Dark Lover and listened to the audiobook so many times that I've lost count. Wrath also happens to be my favorite. Actually I go back and forth between him and Zsadist. Zsadist is kinda scary in Dark Lover but by the time you finish his book I think you'll be head over heels in love with him too. Enjoy the series and I'll look forward to your reviews!

      P.S - Iron Fey is awesome too. I don't read much YA but I really enjoyed the Iron Fey story. Julie Kagawa just has this way of bringing you into that magical world that she's created.

  3. Hey Bengal Reads,

    I went ove to your blog and we now follow you. Great looking blog. Love the background:D



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