April 9, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Mandy Moore

Amanda Leigh Moore
When I first saw Mandy Moore singing her bubble gum hit Candy, I must admit I wasn't a fan. This was when Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were fighting for the teen pop princess crown and Mandy Moore was one of those blond teeny-boppers thrown into the mix to provide "variety".

It was in A Walk to Remember (2002) that I fell in love with this New Hampshire native. I know this movie wasn't the best Nicholas Sparks adaptation but there was something about Mandy's character that resonated with me. 

Since then we've seen her in Chasing Liberty (2004), Because I Said So (2007) and even made several appearances in the HBO hit Entourage on several episodes playing another version of herself as Vincent's Chase's ex-girlfriend. 

Most recently she did the voice of Rapunzel in the cute Disney movie Tangled (2012).

I've always enjoyed Mandy's project in both the small and big screens but after she shed her blond locks, pop star packaging and started making some real music that I've started to like her as a singer.

It's Gonna be Love is cheesy I know but it could also be sweet if you look at it in a different way. This is my favorite Mandy Moore song from the A Walk to Remember soundtrack.


  1. I have ALWAYS loved Mandy Moore.. since I was 12 or so? I was never a fan of Nicholas Sparks' books but I've always loved the movie adaptations and A Walk To Remember is one of my favorites. I love her as an actress and as a singer. It amazes me to this day that she is from Trashua (yes, that's what we call Nashua around here). Wonderful post, I definitely think my iPod needs to play some Mandy today!! :D

  2. YES times a million and one for Mandy Moore!!!! Oh my gosh, I'm pretty sure that she's always been one of my favourite actresses ever since I was a kid! I loved her in A Walk to Remember and Because I Said So and Tangled and all of the other amazing movies with her in it because she's just such a great actress. And her singing is so beautiful too! Cry (which is one of my faves) has been on my playlist since it first came out. Not even kidding! x)

    You couldn't have picked a more perfect celeb for your girl crush, Braine! I'm glad you love MM as much as I do! :) <3


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