April 27, 2012

Fact or Fiction Whisper Blog Tour: Dylan

I don’t know a guy named Dylan, or anyone else that’s full-blooded Cherokee, but the idea of Dylan was inspired by Tyler, my son. He was born on Dec 15, 2011 and died on December 20, 2011. His heart was enlarged and couldn’t pump properly. I think his heart was too big for this world. Like Dylan’s.

“How would you know I was there?”
His gaze locked on mine and I stilled, barely able to breathe. All trace of laughter disappeared from his expression. His stare was heavy to the point of paralyzing.
“My soul would recognize you and wake me.” His voice was gravelly and low, barely above a whisper, but it filled my ears and raced straight to my heart. I felt a keen familiarity with this moment and with Dylan himself. It was more than déjà vu. It was something inside me recognizing something inside him. 


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He hung on for five days, long past what the doctors thought was medically possible, and I think Dylan does the same for Whisper. He’s ready to die if it means rest because living for so long has made him weary. He presses on because he knows Whisper needs him. I sort of felt like Tyler did that for us. He hung on because he knew we needed the extra time.

Okay, that’s enough sad. I dwell, you musn’t. Let’s talk Dylan. He’s Native American, which means he has a tan. And he has long(er) hair. I have never written a character with the shaggy hair look. It’s long enough to pull back in a ponytail, just barely though. And this might be weird, since that’s not my type but I really had to specifically picture him to know I’d find him attracted. And this was all before I created him. Because if I didn’t find him attractive, I know ou wouldn’t either. Very important details here: I picture all angles. Angular jaw and sharp shoulders. CUT, baby. Yeah. That sort of body can go with any hair cut it wants.
Speaking of, Dylan cuts his hair himself - #alsosexy and I like that it’s not even all the way across. Kind of rugged and again #sexy 

Dylan – Fiction

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