April 14, 2012

Betrayed a House of Night Novel

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And just when I thought I was liking Neferet she went up and became a mean girl!

In Betrayed, Zoey Redbird is now the Leader of the Dark Daughters but her troubles are far from over. Two of her human acquaintances were killed and her bestfriend failed to complete the Change but rather transformed into something else. The final straw was when her "mentor" turned out to be a manipulative Biatch who's out to get our fiery heroine.

As I move forward with the series I get more and more invested in the story. Although House of Night is a school of sorts and some of you might think that it's like Vampire Academy, let me stop you there and say it's not.

This mother-daughter book tandem isn't anything like Vampire Academy. Zoey and the rest of the characters are vampires but they are some sort of wiccans too. Aside from the usual vampire traits, they can command elements and conduct rituals to summon their Goddess Nyx. The myth is based on several classics but prominently Native American and Greco-Roman.

Another thing that I like is though this is tagged as a Young Adult series, the details of the story and the stuff the characters go through are realistic. If the Casts were to become more descriptive it can easily cross the threshold to Urban Fantasy fiction than a juvenile read.

I will no longer go into details because I feel like I'm one of the last few people who haven't read this. Suffice to say that the characters are young but the shiznit they deal with appeals to more mature audiences.


  1. Great review! You are so right about Neferet, and unfortunately she only gets worse! Be prepared for more mayhem and emotional twists. =D

    1. Yes and I cannot wait for her novella! Such a pretty face to mask an ugly soul.


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