March 21, 2012

Writer Wrangler: Andrew Newbound

Andrew Newbound

author of
Book 1 of the Tari Harris Elven Chronicles.
Andrew is here to share a page or two from Tari's journal.
Read on, it's funny and for a change, a 19 yo is acting like her age.
Lovesick and boy crazy.

Tari Harris Journal entry


What did I do to deserve this? Firstly…I’m not human. How am I supposed to react to news like that? And what the hell is an Elven? Am I a freak, or worse…some kind of monster?

Why me? I’m eighteen. I should be thinking about uni…boys…clothes…getting drunk. But now all I can think about is how to tell my friends that I’m not like them…I’m not even the same species. Jeez, how weird does that sound. Will they still want anything to do with me when they find out?

I can probably rely on Daniel. He’s too obsessed with getting inside my knickers to be put off by the small matter of needle sharp teeth or fingernails that could tear through metal…even if they are painted pink. But what about Leigh? She’s always been a little stand-offish around me - perhaps it’s because I haven’t thrown myself at her brother - but when she finds out that I’m not like her…what will she say, or do? This isn’t fair. This isn’t what I want.


Shit! It gets worse. Yesterday I find out I’m not human. Today, I’m some kind of grand prize for vampires. They’ve been looking for me since I was born and this island I used to call home feels more like a prison. This can’t be happening…can it?

I told Daniel…I thought he was going to collapse, but he didn’t. He was quite sweet actually…said he wanted to protect me. So glad I could count on him. I guess I always knew how he felt about me but now he’s proven it and I’m glad. I need a friend…somebody who won’t judge me…or run a mile when my teeth turn into knitting needles. Daniel still wants to get into my knickers though...perhaps I should be flattered. But how can I consider having sex when all I can think about is avoiding love bites from vampires. Shit!


Feeling really, really weird. Finrod brought someone new to the island…he’s called Lyra…for me. Not in that way, at least I don’t think so (now that would be weird). But he keeps looking at me like he knows all my secrets and when I look into his eyes… Daniel would throw a strop if he knew what I was thinking. Maybe it’s something to do with Lyra being Elven too. I don’t even know him, yet it feels like we’re connected. Strange!!

I don’t want any of this. Lyra is so smug…so over confident. I don’t care that he’s blond and tall and you should see all his muscles. Can a man be beautiful? I guess he can because Lyra is. But he acts like he’s in charge of everything, including me, and he’s NOT! No wonder Daniel hates him. Poor Daniel! He sees Lyra as a threat…maybe he is. I dunno…it’s so confusing. I wish things would just go back to how they were.


Can’t believe they had a fight. Daniel has bruises everywhere and he won’t tell me a thing. I hope they weren’t fighting over me, but Leigh says they were. Lyra acts like nothing has happened but he’s hurt my best friend…how could he do that to me?

He acts like I should be falling all over him but he’s going to have to be a lot more…human…before I ever think about going anywhere near him. Right now, it’s dream on Lyra. At least Daniel tries to understand me. And he’s really suffering – I can see the hurt and confusion on his eyes. Poor Daniel. Perhaps I’ve been too distant with him. Maybe I should spend a little more time with him…I know that’s what he wants.


Shit, shit, SHIT!! What an idiot I am. Spent too much time fretting over who I like more…Lyra or Daniel? (Last night, it was definitely Daniel!!) But that doesn’t matter now. It NEVER mattered. How can it…now that the vampires are here. Can’t believe this is my life! 

About Andrew Newbound 

He began life as a trainee music journalist, reviewing for the likes of R.E.M, Def Leppard, Texas and countless others. After that, he found his way in to advertising, writing junk mail, billboards, radio ads and video scripts.

Eventually he fulfilled his lifelong ambition and became a published author when his debut book, Demon Strike came out in 2010. Since then he has written several more books and the Elven Chronicles is his brand new series. 

You can stalk him on:
follow @ElvenChronicles or @AndrewNewbound


  1. Amazing ladies! Thank you so much. I love finding something new and this sounds great. What a great journal. I like getting to know characters this way. All those emotions coming out and trying to deal with the fact that you aren't human anymore, jeez this is scary. I would love to read this. Thank you so much for the recommendation guys and thank you so much Mr. Newbound for sharing this amazing post.


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