March 11, 2012

White Witch the Coven Series

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Liked It
I managed to finish this story in one sitting, however I'll just give it three cauldrons. The story is entertaining enough but I feel like the net Milburn cast is not as dense as she'd hope it would be. The succession of events is not "free flowing" but felt like it was too planned. You know what authors say about the characters telling their story? Well it's not like this, the author was telling the story so the course of events didn't feel natural.

I like the characters individually, Jax Taylor, a sixteen year-old Witch who is "A-Rod and Leonardo da Vinci and America's Next Top Model all rolled into one", background is a cesspool of adventure waiting to happen. Jax witnessed her Mother's execution led by her father because the former ran away from the Coven. As an exercise of free will, Jax did the same thing, choosing good over evil and left her father and his minions. Now she's in hiding from persecution from her Coven, "the Sopranos with superpowers."

The Boy, Keller Dawes, is a hunter whose father is the minister. He's someone you'd want to introduce to your parents, good looking, sensible and has good values. His cousin, Toni Dawes, is Jax's new BFF, spunky, has pink hair and plays the drums for her garage band and a fellow Buffy and Firefly fan. Egan Byrne, another Witch, is a runaway who managed to catch up with Jax, he is your bad boy, biker riding, hunk.

The forbidden love between Keller and Jax should be a sure fire hit, a witch and a hunter falling in love, but I wasn't convinced by their instant attraction. I find the forbidden part too easy for it to be considered as such. If anything, they just look like teenagers who are under strict curfew and are being moderated by Keller's minister dad.

I know this is book 1 but I'm hoping that book 2 would be better. The concept behind the story is promising, just need better execution.

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