March 20, 2012

Vampire Nemesis a Tari Harris Elven Chronicles Novel

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Elves and Vampires at odds with each other, the latter using the former to breed for their race. Tari Harris is the last of her kind and the Vampire King, Nolic, is after her to breed more of his offspring the Procreatti.
"When the moon shines I change.... my teeth grow, my skin toughens, my arms and legs..." - Tari
I like an author who is not afraid to gut his cast of characters down to size, have people go through a series of unfortunate events, make unusual villains and turn the heroes against each other. I appreciate curve balls, torturous head trips and cliff hanger endings. And that's exactly what Andrew Newbound gave me, thank you very much!

Tim O'Rourke was right in saying that ANewbound's story is a fresh mix of sorts. Sure we have read a lot of Vampire stories and their creation myths ranges from being made to Fallen Angels and a slew of other origins. Vampire Nemesis is old and new at the same time. I guess the originality would stem from the flow of the story rather than its history.

Tari Harris is conflicted in so many levels which gives this book different shades of dark flavor. Things just started happening one after the other, she barely has time to cope with a major revelation  before another life changing event happens. Being the last of her kind, a female Elf, doesn't help things either. She's a major commodity in her world and everyone wants a piece of her. What's heartbreaking is the collateral damage to the changes: her adoptive parents, normalcy, her bestfriend and a number of other things that one usually takes for granted.

The usual love triangle has interesting angles. It's not one of those tug-of-wars YET but I can tell in the succeeding books that Tari's choice will be a painful one to make. The leading men, her bestfriend Daniel and the Elven warrior Lyra, just made introductions but I can tell, moving forward in the series, that their respective character developments will put Tari's knickers in a bunch.

The conflict was pretty interesting, uncanny alliances were made, loyalties got tested and questioned and a battle of wills ensued between the characters. The resolution part was the cliff hanger, it's one of those what-in-the-world book endings that will make you cry in despair or will totally love the torture if you're like me. Tee-hee-hee-hee!

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