March 19, 2012

Vampire Nemesis Giveaway

On the eve of her nineteenth birthday, Tari Harris discovers that everything she has grown up to believe in is a lie. And to make matters worse, she finds out she isn’t even human.

As the last female Elven, Tari carries the hopes of an entire species in her genes. They need her to survive. But so do the Elvens’ bitter enemies – Vampires.

Can she embrace her new identity and learn how to harness the incredible power of moonlight? Will Daniel, her human lover, ever surrender Tari to a fair-haired Elven stranger? And will she live to accept her destiny, or fall prey to a cruel vampire Hunter sent to murder the people she loves and steal her away? 

Early Review

This was an exciting and enthralling tale that took a new approach to Vampires. The writing was fresh and pulled you into the story from the very start. Newbound has mixed fantasy and vampires in a very unique way and I haven't read a vampire tale like this before. I found the characters to be ones that I could relate to and believe in. The book has two great leads within Tari and Daniel and they really fire of one another which makes their relationship very interesting. There are some great twists in this book which I didn't see coming and the end was a real cliffhanger!! The book has so much action, mystery ans suspense that I honestly found this book hard to put down. This is a fantastic book that kept me captivated from beginning to end and is a must read for all those that want a vampire tale that takes a whole new look at the genre. Loved it! 

- Tim O'Rourke author of the bestselling Kiera Hudson Series

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  1. This sounds like a good read...thx for the giveaway op! :)

  2. Thanks for opportunity ti win this book. I love the cover art and the book sounds good. I already entered earlier. Hope to win:)
    laura thomas

  3. This book sounds like such a fresh breath of air. You definitely have me intrigued! Added to my reads list. ;)
    Thank you for the chance to win it!
    DeAnna S.

  4. Hi Cimmaron, Hi Braine!;)
    Thank you for the giveaway girlies!!!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway. :)

  6. This sounds like a great read.
    Please enter me.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  7. I had to miss it, didn't I? LOL! I will buy it anyway. It is cheap. Thank you guys for introducing me to a new author and big congratulations to you Carrie!


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