March 23, 2012

To Kill a Warlock a Dulcie O'Neil Novel

preview the book
I've been wanting to read H.P. Mallory since I got my Fire. So big thanks to Amber I of Awesomesauce Book Club for lending me this title!

If you're curious, I'd compare Dulcie O'Neil to Rachel Morgan (The Hollows). Dulcie is a fairy working for the Association for Netherworld Creatures or A.N.C. She's a law enforcer by day and a romance writer by night. She's good at what she does although a little bit clumsy and the men surrounding her are gorgeous aside from being supernatural beings.

To Kill a Warlock is just a cauldron of laughter. If you read the preview, Dulcie just had a spell cast on her which left her looking like an ugly ogre (as if a regular one isn't enough). This led to an action filled chain of events that got Dulcie involved with vampires, Loki, corruption in the ANC and a myriad of other things.

The story was very enjoyable and the side events in Dulcie's life are regular albeit supernatural in nature. She's got a bit of a hang up with her jack of an ex which resulted to physical insecurities. She's contemplating on getting some work done on her ears to make them look more human and "normal". I also liked the part where publishers were rejecting her historical romance story about a pirate and a vixen but suggested she writes about vampires instead. The rejection letters were hilarious and made me wonder if there's some truth in those letters.

I was rooting for a character but without revealing any spoilers, I was a little disappointed when he became a villain. I was thinking that he's my next book boyfriend but his badass act didn't raise him to V'Lane status in my book.

H.P. Mallory is relentless which is no wonder why she is THE Indie Author to beat or at least other self published authors aspire to. Can't wait to start book two... time to send a request to Amber I.


  1. Love her! I haven't read this series yet but I have read the Jolie Wilkins one!

    1. Did you like the JW series? Amber suggested I start with this one and it's awesome!


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