March 24, 2012

Soul Screamers Volume 1

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You're a bean sidhe, Kaylee. The death premonitions are normal. They are part of who you are. - Nash Hudson

Banshees! I've only read one Banshee story so far and it's by Indie author Veronica Breville (A Banshee's Tale 2011) and boy did I have fun with this book.

First off this includes the prequel and the first two novels in the series so my appetite for the series is satiated for now. I love the story and the concept and I can just imagine Kaylee's piercing screams to herald one's death and Nash loving the sound of it like he's being lulled or something. Sounds fascinating and ridiculous at the same time.

If you've read our Gush and Gripe for February, you might recall my annoyance with YA books being compared to Twilight. This series was what I was actually talking about. If you've read or are familiar with this series and Meyer's saga, you'd know that there's no basis for comparison between Soul Screamers and Twilight aside from being YA reads.

First of all, there are no Vampires or Werewolves in sight! The closest to it are hellions and reapers and a lot of death. Second, Kaylee is a strong heroine who is willful but altruistic. She has misgivings about her father abandoning her but she cares about her Uncle who took her in. And if she does act a little erratic, being committed to the loony bin and seeing things will do that to anybody. Added to the fact that you can't help but scream at the top of your lungs when anyone is about to die.

Next, Kaylee is not caught in any love triangle and though her relationship with Nash seemed easy (meaning they just conveniently fell in love with each other), it was due mainly to the fact that they're both bean sidhe. There's no sulking nor falling in desperate despair here though several people died as they have apparently been harvested by a corrupt reaper or sold their soul to a hellion.

There might be petting (alert to the teens out there!) but it's always nipped in the bud by the tenacious reaper, Tod. And though are several character stereotypes, the bully, the Queen Bee, the Jock, etc. I still find the main characters fresh. Probably because they are Banshees and we need a new breed of Supes to read about right?

So tell me how do you justify comparing this to Twilight?


  1. I wasn't feeling the comparison, but that's just me. First off it is very original because it is the first bean sidhe novel I have read. Second, Nash does love Kaylee but not the way Edward loved Bella....But I can see why Twilight fans would like it :) I did!

  2. I have not read these and still have the series on my wish list, but it doesn't sound like it could compare.

  3. Oh I love SOUL Screamers series, the more books I read the more I loved this series. So TOTALLY not even close to Twilight, silly people who think this...I scratch my head. TEAM TOD!! and he is not a wolf. I think it is one of the cool YA series around. My first book about Banshees, can't recall a Banshee in Twilight..hehe! Tod is my honey in this series...again..the more you read....I just want to take Tod home with me:D


  4. YES! This series is nothing like Twilight that's why I love it!


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