March 26, 2012

The Rival by Roland Yeomans

Series: The Legend of Victor Standish
Format: Digital copy from the author
Release Date: March 12, 2012
Purchase Link: Amazon

THE RIVAL, a stand-alone Victor Standish urban fantasy.

Victor Standish. Some call him the young Indiana Jones of New Orleans. Others call him the teen Ulysses of the French Quarter. The undead and worse spit his name as if it were a curse. Their cornered victims breathe the name as if it were a prayer.

The challenges are unique:
Keeping the younger version of his adopted father, Samuel McCord from meeting the eerie Empress of the Jade Mask to prevent Victor’s never being born. To keep the young Edgar Allan Poe from sweeping Alice off her feet and into the poet’s arms.
The undead Abigail Adams, the revenant Empress Theodora, the all too alive President Andrew Jackson, and the voodoo demigods of Legba and Erzulie provide near-impossible odds.

You won't soon forget this stand-alone chapter in the ongoing LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH. 

Before I get on with my review for this book, once again let me GUSH about the cover. Don't you justlove the burlesque/steampunk feel of this?! LOVE IT!
Hey, I'm Victor Standish. I'll get it done. I've tackled worse problems.
So this book is a stand alone novel with Victor Standish right smack in the middle of trouble, or "adventure" as Mr. Yeomans fondly refers to it, which you'll find amusing and challenging to keep up with. Seriously, the Kardashians pale in comparison with Victor Standish. 

In The Rival, Victor and Alice time traveled to 1834 New Orleans thanks to DayStar aka Lucifer (or the guy believes he's IT):

But this New Orleans was of another more savage, ruthless time. here the law was mostly non-existent. And when it was around, it was corrupt.

Even with The Butterfly Effect as a reminder, Victor and Alice still found it hard to stay out of trouble. They found themselves embroiled in a menage a trois, revenant business, and probably the biggest revelation in Victor's life: the identity of his biological father. Finally he had the answer to the mystery and in 1834 New Orleans, Victor made it his mission to aid his father. I find the process of Victor's conception interesting...

I learned about revenants (the reality behind the myth of vampires.) I learned about the ShadowLands that blossomed like some flower from Hell each twilight

I enjoy Victor's world, the kid is devious and has a quick wit. Alice, his girlfriend, is too hormonal for a ghoul and when these two squabble, I can't help but laugh at the absurdity of it. His mother is the Angel of Death and his real name is Ulysses, his chariot is anchored to Chiron, the centaur. Victor is gangsta and runs with the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, Marie Leveau, fought with President John Adams and his wife Abigail, and a slew of other [in]famous figures that became part of his bizarro world. 

I am Victor Standish, and I do not lie.

I've always been a fan of RYeoman's imagination be it in his blog posts or in his VS books. I find it fascinating that he managed to find the right words to transcribe this chaos that's Victor's world and not get lost in the process. To describe The Rival as action-packed is an understatement. I felt like I ran a marathon after this book because I could hardly keep up with the sequence of events. There's no lack of interesting twists that I'm sure you'll be begging Victor and Alice to slow down so you could take a breather. 



  1. Thanks for the great review! Victor is smiling from ear to ear. Alice is growling,"Too hormonal? That is Victor's problem!!" Hope you had a great vacation! Roland

  2. I have this on my iPad and look forward to reading it!

  3. I downloaded it (and I really want to win the Star Trek bear) and look forward to reading it. The cover art is gorgeous.

  4. Alex, I hope you enjoy it. Victor, the humble soul that he isn't, knows you will! Diane, I hope you win the Spock Bear, too, though sales of THE RIVAL are sluggish. I will give away a Michael Whalen autographed lithograph when 7 reviews are posted (from the 7 reviewers who post on Amazon.) More on this on April 3rd!


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