March 18, 2012

Overbite an Insatiable Novel

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That's it?! Just like that no more Lucien?! After getting us invested in this guy, cheering for this magnetic vampire, he becomes a martyr and sacrifices himself?!


Our librarian was right in saying that this was a good series. And I have to agree with her, it was a rough start for me in Insatiable but Overbite quickly got me glued to Meena Harper's adventure and the couch in one afternoon.

I had such high hopes that Lucien and Meena will get through the good vs. evil bit, find a loophole or gray area somewhere and ride towards the sunset together. Lucien is so conflicted not just because of his love for Meena but to prove that modern vampires have gone through a character revamp and they're not these evil fiends anymore. Meena for her part chose to work for the Palatine to help Lucien change the Vatican's stand on vampires and be more subjective with their agenda. Same goal different means.

Overbite highlighted Meena and Lucien's struggle to suppress their love for each other and convince those people close to them that the stereotype vampire doesn't apply to Lucien. Of course throughout the whole novel Alaric Wulf is still making a play for Meena Harper but obviously MCabot is pushing the forbidden love between the psychic and the vampire. So when Lucien made the ultimate sacrifice and Meena sought comfort with Alaric, it has REBOUND written all over it.

Honestly I found Insatiable funnier and I liked that soap-opera feel. The cheesy-ness, corny lines and scenes played out by these gorgeous characters are just LOL worthy. In Overbite, things just got more serious and definitely tragic. Lucien failed to completely win Meena over and the way things played out, I really don't see her with Alaric.

Overall I still can't believe that the story ended just like that. Surely there has to be a third book in the works because (1) Alaric got the short end of the stick because we all know that Meena is far from over Lucien; (2) Meena is not the type who'd settle; (3) again, Lucien's existence can't just end like that!

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