March 17, 2012


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If you are like me and unfamiliar with the series, Insatiable is a grown up series written by Meg Cabot about a woman named Meena Harper who can see the details of your death. Meena is one of the writers for the soap opera, Insatiable, and the book starts when Meena's life starts imitating art. Vampires ceased to be gothic creatures created by Bram Stoker rather they have invaded New York City and Meena has been seduced and wants to be the Prince of Darkness', Lucien Antonescu, consort.

I struggled with the first 150 pages as MCabot builds the world of her characters for us. But when Meena, Lucien and Alaric's world collided, I found it hard to put down the book. What's even more surprising is I thought that this book is a serious story but as I read each chapter and the situation gets more and more ridiculous, I realized that Insatiable is indeed a book version of a classic American soap opera!

Although this is essentially a vampire book, MCabot's take on it was done with humor and a tad of sexy. Lucien lives up to the modern allure of romanticized vampires, tall, dark, muscled, polished and everything you want and need your vampire to be. Plus the fact that he is smart and The Prince of Darkness did nothing but add to his magnetic persona. I can't blame Meena for falling madly in love with him but at the same time, I also admire the lass' fortitude and still managed to use her brains instead of her heart in the end. I'd like to see how Lucies will continue to seduce our pixie-haired heroine in Overbite.

Alaric's character is interesting too. He is a Paladine, Vatican's private army against vampires, and like Lucien, he's sexy, rich, sophisticated and a fearsome warrior. I find it funny that he can also be spoiled and would pout on the absence of first class amenities that he has gotten used to. But like Lucien, he wasn't able to resist Meena and was quickly taken by her.

And the unlikely femme fatale, Meena Harper. I could easily relate to her and her gripes about her ex-boss Shoshana and how the latter would always manage to one-up our hard working heroine by using her beauty and connections. I was really cheering for her because from her POV, it's a classic story of how the underdog became victorious and now she finds herself not only caught in a love triangle between two super hot men, a brain-vs-heart type tug of war, but also her psychic curse became a gift that could help save lives.

In addition to these, even the side characters have storylines like Meena's brother, Jon, her bestfriend Leisha and Adam, her Romanian vampire neighbors, the Count and Countess Emil and Mary Lou Atonescu. Entertainment to the hilt!

These are my highlights and though some of the lines and situations are cheesy and tittering on the side of overkill, I truly enjoyed it. It is a soap opera after all.

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