March 10, 2012

Hex Hall

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I think I can breathe easy now because it seems like the Swan Epidemic that infected a couple of heroines in the past has finally left the building. Reading YA lately has been delightful due to these strong female leads.

I love witches and wizards and based on the buzz, this series is supposed to be really good. I found myself laughing at the prologue and that's usually a good sign. Hawkins did not disappoint.

I like Sophie because she's normal and refuses to be bullied. She's feisty but like any normal person, she has her own insecurities. She's cunning but is unassuming and although her previous troubles made her a stronger person, there's still holes in her armor. And even if she's from a line of very powerful witches, her learning curve is not as adept as she'd like to be.

I also like Hawkin's take on the usual love triangle that's a staple in most YA reads. For a change the heroine is not torn between two handsome boys, rather she found herself crushing on the Queen B's boyfriend which spells trouble for her. And boy, did Archer Cross did break her heart.

In the end a bit of justice is served but it certainly took its toll on Sophie. Her almost friend Elodie died and although she tricked her into joining their coven, it's hard to dislike the girl. She was able to vindicate herself in the end. Archer turned out to be a demon hunter and this will definitely complicate things with Sophie. Sophie's grandmother, Alice, is a demon which makes her a quarter demoness, who tried to teach/use her but ended up being decapitated, thanks to her prodigy and granddaughter. And then there's Sophie's Dad, this part of her history will either screw her up or really push her to greatness.

I'm glad I picked up this series and I'm even more excited for the third book's on Tuesday, Spell bound!

Now let me crack Demon Glass open...

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