March 27, 2012

Guest Blogger: Under the Covers

Under the Covers 

is our guest bloggers for this month
and today they're here to share (and call dibs) on their
Book Boyfriends

Angela: With all the great heroes I’ve met in the books I’ve read, it’s hard to pick just one. But in the spirit of the upcoming release of BDB, Lover Reborn, I’ll pick Butch O’Neal, aka The Dhestroyer, Descended of Wrath son of Wrath. Who knew he was a descendent of Wrath, The Blind King? *sigh* He is every bit as big, dominant, territorial and possessive as any of the brothers. Butch is the man!

 Francesca: Mine has been John Matthew from the Black Dagger Brotherhood for a while, and I don't think I see that changing anytime soon. I've read many books after him and he still holds a very special place in my heart. He's very strong, not only on the outside but he's a rock on the inside! He's had to overcome a great disability and become a warrior, without letting his issues affect his performance. And when he loves, he gives his all. He always only had eyes for his mate, even when he was just a pre-trans who had no chance of getting with her. And he certainly knows how to push all my buttons. The man turns me on and can make me cry. He's tough and yet sweet. A loyal friend and a true warrior. He can seriously make me melt and wish we were locked away in a training room together with nothing but blue mats around *wink*

Suzanne: Well this is a hard question not because I can't think of anyone, but because I can think of waaay too many, I mean just one? Okay, so my ultimate book boyfriend: Wrath from Black Dagger Brotherhood. The Blind King just does it for me. The long black hair and big ripped body, how's a girl to resist? But that isn't all; his tough but fair attitude, his sense of justice and his love and tenderness towards his shellan, he has the whole package!

 Annie: My book boyfriend is Rhage from the Black Dagger Brotherhood. No surprise there, huh? For someone as arrogant and as deadly as he is, you wouldn’t expect the kind of tenderness he shows in his book. Within Rhage, this vampire warrior cursed with a beast, who rolls with other alpha warriors that don’t take shit from anyone, are these humanlike emotions that make him vulnerable. I love that! Plus, Hollywood has some serious stamina ;P

Thanks for having us!
Under the Covers
is run by four brilliant ladies who
“met” online through Goodreads and decided to share their
passion of books with fellow book lovers.

The contributors are Suzanne (England), Ann (Canada),
Francesca (New York) and Angela (California).

Thank you ladies for sharing your passion for the Brothers
 with us which is very timely because today is the release of Tohr's story
and the latest Black Dagger Brotherhood novel, Lover Reborn.

Don't worry,
we here at Talk Supe are not your competition,
we know that Book Boyfriend territory is sacred. ;)


  1. Oh how I love BDB.. and the ladies over there at UTC! I need to catch up in with BDB though.. I think I've only read the first 4!

  2. I totally agree with Mark W. as Butch. Butch is probably my favorite and then Wrath.


  3. Thanks to the ladies at Talk Supe for inviting us today!!

    Butch is such a manly man I love that about him, and then you throw in V to that mix and I melt!


  4. Gah. I love this post. Thanks for having us!!!!!!
    ~Angela @UTC

  5. Aww, thanks girlies for having us today!!! I'm glad to have had the chance to talk about my favorite things with you guys LOL



  6. Great pics for all the Brother's ladies!

    Angela: Wahlberg would make an awesome Butch & he's also a Boston native.

    Francesca: Love JM! I'm so happy he's in all the books. He had me crying in so many different parts of the whole series.

    Suz: Momoa is also who we picture as Wrath. I get chills just thinking about Wrath. LOL!

    Ann: Your Rhage is beautiful. I can totally see it!

  7. Those were great match up choices. Thanks for sharing everyone!


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