March 25, 2012

Grave Sight and Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris

Preview Grave Sight and Grave Surprise
Series: Harper Connelly Series 1 & 2
Format: Paperback
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Harper Connelly Mysteries QuartetAnother acclaimed paranormal mystery series by the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Sookie Stackhouse novels that inspired HBO’s True Blood.

These four novels introduce a “winning heroine”* who uses psychic skills to help law enforcement provide justice for the dead.

“A series that just might surpass all <Harris’s> others in popularity.”—*BooklistGrave SightGrave SurpriseAn Ice Cold GraveGrave Secret

So Sookie Stackhouse is one kick butt heroine, an average girl who gets the hottest Vampires and Weres plus she can read minds and most of us love her! So with this, I decided to introduce myself to Harper Connelly and see if she's as entertaining as her "sister" Sookie.

Harper was struck by lightning when she was 15 and since then has developed psychic abilities like Sookie. But instead of read people's minds, she can track people who died and see their deaths.
"It's like  buzzing. A humming. In my bones, in my brain. It almost hurts. The closer I get, the more intense it gets. And when I'm close, When I'm in the body's presence, I see the death."
Like Sookie, Harper is very close to her [step]brother Tolliver and together they rent her abilities to the authorities and families of the deceased/missing to help solve crimes and bring closure. Harper too has gone through some challenging experiences from childhood to her teens, barely keeping it together so Social Services won't look their way and keep her and her siblings apart. Her youngest sister went missing and it's Harper's mission to find out what happened to her.

With that said, I struggled with Grave Sight, CHarris is a wonderful writer but Harper is a hard nut to crack. She's cold and I can almost see the walls she put up to turn off other people and readers too! Her defense mechanism is down pat that we can hardly see her world through her eyes and just stay focused on her work and what's happening around her.

Good thing this was rectified in Grave Surprise and finally we are given Harper's history. What her life really was before she got her ability. How she's coping with the loss of her sisters and how she and Tolliver struggled to move on with their lives, making the most out of her abilities.

In Book 2, Harper is once again in the middle of a murder investigation, this time she's in my home state, Tennessee, and she finally found the body of Tabitha Morgenstern, the 11yo who went missing months back that she wasn't able to retrieve. Here that case finally had some closure but not without serious complications for her and Tolliver.

Grave Surprise is where we also witness Harper and Tolliver try to build a relationship with their two younger sisters but it still has that sense of alienation and awkwardness.

At this point, Sookie is still a more developed character than Harper. However this series is interesting in its own way and much of it is credited to CHarris' fantastic writing. And like most series, Book 1 is a little slow but it's starting to get some traction in book 2 which I hope will continue to do so as I move forward with the series.

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