March 5, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Tara Godfrey

Tara Godfrey

For the first time ever here in Girl Crush Mondays
it's Author's choice with Heather Hildenbrand. 
She sees Emma Roberts as hybrid Dirty Blood
Tara Gofrey.

Why do I like her?

Well aside from having a cool Grandma, she also has the best of both 
Hunter and Werewolf worlds.
Heightened senses and unstoppable fighting instincts, she stands up for herself and 
refuses to let her proud lineage get to her head.
 Plus she's got two gorgeous guys fighting for her. 

Can't wait for book 3 and I hope that Heather is busy working on that, 
she promised a Fall 2012 release for it. 

P.S. Not exactly the Dirty Blood trailer but this more or less gives you an 
idea what the book and Tara Godfrey is about.

We are giving away a copy of Heather's Dirty Blood series HERE


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