March 12, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Sandra Bullock

Sandra Annette Bullock
b. July 26, 1964

This girl has had a a roller coaster ride for a life last 2009 winning both 
Worst Actress for All About Steve (Razzies) and
Best Actress Award for The Blind Side (Oscars).

But the best part about that was adopting Baby Louis. 
Aside from her movies she has her own production company, Fortis Films, and it produced Million Dollar Baby (which won Hillary Swank her second Oscar) and All About Steve. 

She also owns a bistro in Austin called Bess Bistro 
and they mainly serve Creole and Southern style dishes.

But what I really love about Sandra is her resilience and her sense of humor. Seeing her go through 2009 has been nothing but inspiring. One just have to admire her for being so graceful about the whole thing. But aside from being a very talented actress, Sandra is also a humanitarian donating to various charities like Red Cross, sharing her blessings to those hit by disastrous calamities like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and that tragic earthquake in Japan.

She's done  lot of movies that spans from high intensity action/adventure to those Kleenex-required super sad stories. But I love it when she does the usual romantic comedy and m
y favorite is her rain dance scene with Betty White in The Proposal

At 47, Sandra still gives young Hollywood a run for their money. 


  1. SANDRA BULLOCK! <3 LOL I don't think there's a single movie that I've watched with in it that I haven't thought she has some epic talent with acting! And I love her humor too -- it's one of those things that makes her so awesome! My favourite movies with her in it are the romantic comedies too... although that might also have to do with the fact that I'm a RomCom junkie! ;)

    Thanks for sharing, Braine! :)

    1. Your welcome Mimi! I was astounded by how fit she looked in The Proposal.

  2. Great choice! Sandra's a fav of mine.

  3. I love Sandra Bullock! Awesome choice! I've been a huge fan of hers since Speed. I love her versatility and am so happy she won an Oscar and proved to Hollywood that she's a true contender. By the way, I'm apparently the only person on the planet who loved All About Steve, lol!


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