March 19, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Katniss Everdeen

District 12

How can one not help but admire Katniss?
First of all she's an ordinary teenager who's mission for the day is to hunt game
usually with her bestie, Gale Hawthorne, by her side and find a way to feed her family. 

But come Reaping day, her sister, Primrose Everdeen, was drawn to represent the
coal mining district for the annual Hunger Games. Naturally Katniss was distraught and volunteered to take her sister's place.

If the Capitol knew what they were in for, they wouldn't have let Katniss join in the first place. The Mockingjay's call was something the Capitol wasn't able to silence and it led to a firestorm that none of them were able to quench.

Katniss' life might be fictional and her troubles exaggerated but the way she faced her fears and relied on her skills and the will to live is inspiring. Her love for her sister and  mother and even her noble concern for her friends. fellow competitors, and the district will make you want to be her. Or at least a version of her.

We all have our favorite moments in the Hunger Games trilogy and each of us has a reason why we love it and made us cry. 
We already got our tickets to see the movie which opens on the 23rd so we'll keep you posted after.


  1. Love your Girl Crush Monday post this week. I <3 Katniss Everdeen, she's awesome!! Are you girlies going to see THG at the midnight showing, or the weekend or what??

    P.s. I posted my BDB review today so I can put it on your Hop!;)

  2. Your Girl Crush Monday postings are always so awesome! I just finished reading The Hunger Games a couple days ago, and I agree that you can't help but love Katniss. Looking forward to the movie now!


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