March 29, 2012

Bloodrose a Nightshade Novel

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I've read the advance reviews, the blasts on Twitter and book reviews from the blogosphere so I know I have to brace myself for Bloodrose, the final book in Andrea Cremer's Nightshade Trilogy.

First of all I'd like to say that Cremer did not disappoint with her Keeper-Guardian war  after building it up for two books and two novellas. I'm glad that it didn't end with a Mexican stand-off and peace keeps nor were we spared from deaths and bloodshed. The war was everything I hoped it would be and though there were some surprising and suspicious twists and turns, the culmination of events were brilliant to say the least!

Damn it Calla. Why can't you stay away from him? From either of them?
-Calla talking to herself

I had my misgivings about Calla in Wolfsbane but here she totally redeemed herself in my eyes. I was more emphatetic towards her and really felt her confusion between Ren and Shay. She shared most of her life with Ren and her connection with the Bane Alpha was both out of habit and fondness. But Shay is the one who truly holds her heart, after saving his life from a grizzly attack, giving up her pack, and sharing a life of exile with him, she has tested their relationship and sees a real future with the Scion.

It doesn't matter that Ren and I had a past. you're my future. You're the path I chose from the moment I saved you on the mountain
-Calla to Shay

I'm still Team Ren until the end. Without giving spoilers, the ending was not what I hope it would be but it's fair and fitting nonetheless. Everyone got what they deserved and though not all of us would agree that it was a happy ending, the characters still got their HEA. 

I like stories that makes sense even if we consider it fantasy. Some authors try to wrap up the inconsistencies behind sexy scenes and hot men and honestly I find that a tad insulting to readers. Fans take notes and memorize dialogue and details that some might consider trivial. So when a smart book comes my way, I really feel appreciated as a reader and give a big round of applause for the author. I loved Nightshade and  Wolfsbane  but I never thought that I'd feel more than that for this book.There were no conflicts left unresolved and there certainly were a lot of Kleenex moments that my inner cheek felt raw from fighting back tears. 

All the anxiety of waiting was all worth it.

However, now I'm waiting for Rift, the first of two Nightshade prequels, coming out on August 2, 2012.


  1. Oooo I can't read your review yet, cause it's a book I am reading in a couple days, but you suped it up!! So I am very happy!!!


  2. I can not read your review. I am still living in my "REN BUBBLE" I seriously have quit this series after Nightshade because I was so in love with Ren and I just knew I was going to get crushed. I know it doesn't go my way and I just can't handle it.

  3. Michelle - get some Kleenex ready because Andrea brpught the waterworks in this book.

    Amber - ooohhhh you HAVE to read it! I'm Team Ren too but at least we'll have closure.

    1. Oh no...tissues are needed.....can't wait until I craack it open. I have just got 3 books cracked at once, paperback, ebook and that's enough swimming in my head at moment:D


      p.s. I shall get to your other postings girls, just got school holidays here and bit less time for me to get on pc:D


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