March 5, 2012

Across the Galaxy

read an excerpt
This is more of a juvenile read than a YA book but still enjoyable nontheless. If you've read our teaser on Heather's books, you'll see that this is a fantasy tale about a girl, Alina, who is apparently an Empress of the Planet Gliese. I've been transported to the whimsical planet of Gliese and got myself in the middle of Empire affairs. The Shadows are a fearsome threat to Alina but she and her wolves managed to keep Gliese safe from the clutches of Tharos.

This is the perfect showcase to Heather's imagination. Her other series, Dirty Blood and The Specials, were well written and thought of but this one really wowed me. Sure we all have our moments where we imagine distant places but to put it into writing and make it convincing is a skill not a lot of people have. Fortunately Heather has that.

This is something you can read with your pre-teen sibling or child, while you read Dirty Bloods and The Specials, s/he can read Across the Galaxy. It's sure to stimulate their imagination and fancy themselves talking to horses and be transported to another place or planet through trees.

With that said, here's a message from Heather and the book's new cover and it's significance in her career:
For me, January marked one year as a published author and to mark that, I wanted to do something special to celebrate how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. I can think of no better way to celebrate than to show some love to the title that got me here in the first place. Across The Galaxy was my first book and as a result, was also my guinea pig in a lot of ways. Through publishing it, I learned so much and met so many awesome bloggers and readers that I am so grateful for that story and for where it took me. For everything it’s given me, I want to give something back to it. (Yes, I realize I’m referring to my book as if it were a real person. Don’t you do that with the characters inside it? Yeah, I’m not the only crazy here.)
So to celebrate Across the Galaxy and Heather's writer birthday, this and four other titles are part of the package up for grabs. Click HERE to join the raffle!


  1. This book sounds awesome! Thanks for peaking my interest! I have to add this to my TBR list. I know that you guys usually don't review adult, and the fact that you read this young adult novel and liked it has definitely moved me into trying it! I also have to try out her first book.

    Also, thanks so much for commenting on my post on Comments and Cookies on my blog! I'd definitely love to do Gush and Gripe with you guys in the future! It's the perfect time for me to fit in my rants!

  2. It's been a while since I've knowingly picked up a book aimed at pre-teens (though I do sometimes get books from the store shelved among YA that are really aimed at a younger audience). This one sounds really cool. I'm a grown up and I still wish I could talk to horses! lol.

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