February 14, 2012

You Need Kissing Badly

Such utter surrender!
Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler Gone With The Wind 1939

The blog post title is a quote borrowed from Rhett Butler and it actually goes like this: 
"No, I don't think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how."
Aside from novels, films are the next thing that has the power to elicit strong emotions from us because the visuals and the dimensions provided by movies is exact. The tone, images and effects leaves no room for "tweaking" unlike in books where the interpretation differs from reader to reader. 

Now if you'd rather celebrate Valentine's in the comfort of your own home, here are the movies that made  our hearts aflutter and had us giggling like teenage girls. 

Southern summers are indifferent to the trials of young love. Armed with warnings and doubts, Noah and Allie gave a remarkably convincing portrayal of a boy and a girl traveling down a very long road with no regard for the consequences. - Duke
Braine: This is probably our generation's Casa Blanca. Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mcadams brought Noah and Allie to life convincingly. It's funny how they said they "can't stand each other" while filming because it never showed in their scenes, only to fall in love afterwards in real life. We are still rooting for these two to end up together and live happily ever after much like the characters they played.

Cimmaron: I don't think I've met a girl who doesn't like this movie. As great as it was to see them in love they were brilliant when fighting. Rachel and Ryan Forever!

Young Noah: "I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day."

Come what may! I will love you until my dying day!
Braine: A tragic and burlesque forbidden love.
Cimmaron: Ewan MacGregor singing. Swoon.

Love can touch us one time, And last for a lifetime, And never let go till we're gone
Braine: Who didn't sink and swoon with Leo Di Caprio? My room was wallpapered by Leo's cheap posters for about a year. Everyone wanted to be Rose and "fly" with him!

Cimmaron: I admit I was 17 when this film was released and I watched it about 5 times in the movie theater. I could not get enough of Leo as Jack, especially at the end. Remember when he's and Rose are in the water and he tells her she'll do all these fantastic things in her life while his face is covered with icicles? Everytime I see that scene I cry. Doesn't fail. 

Braine: Every hopeless romantic's dream.

Braine: Historical Romance + Rupert Friend.

Cimmaron: When I say I LOVE this movie, it's an understatement. Love doesn't even describe how I feel about this movie. I think I watched it about 25 times in a span of 2 months. That's how I was freakishly obsessed with Young Victoria. Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend, get outta here with all your adorableness. The scene when Victoria and Albert dance the Waltz was magical and whenever Albert called Victoria wife, OMG! I squee'd so loud. This movie is chalk full of the most romantic lines than I melt like better when ever I watch it. Victoria and Albert forever!

Cimmaron: A nice little twist to the classic Cinderella story, what I loved about this film is that Cinderella is quite a little heroine. Yes, she's the poor lithe girl who's been deduced to become a servant for her cruel stepmother but Barrymore's Cinderella has a little more hutzpah than Cinderella's in the past. The huge ball is a turning point and I loved that Leonardo da Vinci was the man to put some sense in Prince Charming's head. Loved that brilliant man. 

"I know that a life without love is no life at all."


  1. I am most DEFINITELY going to be watching Young Victoria tonight. RUPER FRIEND! You are most adorable with your hair-do and Germany accent. Young Victoria, a glass or two of reisling and kind of night!

  2. If I had time tonight I'd watch Gone with the Wind too. I might have to save that for my day off.


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