February 6, 2012

Underworld:Awakening Movie Review

Honestly after our giveaway fiasco, I got derailed and I told Cimmaron I'm not excited to catch the movie. Well guess what, I ended up eating my words and saw the movie on its first weekend. So this review is obviously a couple of weeks too late.

There are two parts of the movie, the story and the action.

The story in itself is a cliffhanger which explains why some people didn't like the film. In the book world, this movie is what you call the "filler volume". Selene throughout the movie was trying to chase her daughter and searching for Michael while stopping nasty engineered Lycans in between. The exciting part is Selene and Michael has a daughter who has a British accent despite the fact that she grew up in a lab surrounded by Americans (just nitpicking here lol) and shares a special bond with her parents. She can share visions with both Selene and Michael. Michael is MIA throughout the movie and I'd like to hope and think that there will be a fifth one. By then I'm praying that Scott Speedman will be available to reprise his role.

 David (Underworld) & Mr. Pamuk (Downton Abbey)
Theo James
Now for the action. Selene is a vampire the The Black Dagger Brotherhood will be proud to call their own. For one she knows her guns. Two, she most definitely looks good in that catsuit and those hardcore shitkickers. I COVET her shitkickers! I imagine Xhex is something like her and Nalla growing up like Selene don't you think?

I'm a fan of Werewolves but for a change I found myself rooting for Vampires this time around. The Lycans in this movie are almost invincible and they're not canine but more like rabid bears! Kate Beckinsale was just superb as Selene, she IS Selene period. Her stunts are fantastic but I feel like she was more "active" in the previous movies compared to this. I felt bad for Michael Ealy's character and towards the end I was hoping they'd turn him. That David played by Theo James got my knickers in a bunch and I wish his character was more developed (for now I'd settle for Downton Abbey's S1 E3).

Nonetheless, I hope Kate's beloved hubby, Len Wiseman, writes the screenplay for the fifth one SOON!


  1. LOL! I agree, this did feel more like a filler. But I didn't hate this. This actually is probably my second favorite in the series. I was definitely crushing on David and that mega werewolf played by Kris Holden-Reid (from Lost Girl, also a werewolf on that show). I wish David was more developed as well, but I hope we see more of him the next time around.

    But I like the idea of treating vampires like a zombie infestation, it was definitely different. And that thing with the Lycans was definitely a nice twist. I was pleased with this, soooooo much action. I too was rooting for the vamps this time around. What the hell happened to the good Lycans? I absolutely agree about Selene. She would make a great addition to the BDB. Her and Xhex would make great friends. Awesome review hon, you really hit it on the head. Now I need to work on my review. But you pretty much said it all LOL!

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