February 4, 2012

A Taste of True Blood

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This is a compilation of essays from different fans of the series done around season two of True Blood. They dissected the show from the opening credit montage, to Bill and Jason, down to Alan Ball's adaptation.

As a consummate reader, I would often compare books to its screen adaptation or the reverse, I'd watch a film find out its an adaptation and check out the book. Bottom line is, I fall into that trap of comparing how the story was translated from the pages to the film. In college a professor once told me that paper and film are different mediums so to compare the two won't be a fair assessment.

In this compilation of well written, intelligent essays from TB followers, the one that really piqued my interest was Southern Vampire Mystery editor Ginjer Buchanan. I didn't really bother knowing how ABall got his hands on CHarris' book. Turns out ABall picked up Dead Until Dark on his way to a dentist appointment, and the rest is history.

From a book editor POV, Ginjer explained how Ball's translation came about and his process. She explained the challenges and complexities of interpreting a first person POV story to an omniscient one. How Ball decided to extend Lafayette's role, tweak Tara's character and put Jason and Sam's storyline into the forefront. This helped me understand that indeed adapting a story to the screen is more complex and the things that have to be taken into consideration are immense.

I found that personally enlightening and I took notes on my future comparisons in the future. However I still feel that if you fell in love with the novel and would like to adapt it, the least you could do is keep the core and integrity of the tale and not mess it up too much.

Someone once said that the fans are the cruelest, most loyal and fantastic critics any writer can get. We fans make their stories part of our lives, we dissect every scene and put pins on significant events and information that ties everything together. So if the author deviates from the "flow", we are quick to pinpoint where the disconnect happens and can articulately justify it. I found that most true in this essay compilation.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is a brilliant idea. I really need to get this. I always say this, even though TB isn't where I think it should be book and show wise, I do like some of the changes Ball has made on the show. Specifically focusing on the side characters as much as the main characters. This is definitely going to be a must read for me. Thanks a million hon, this is awesome!


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