February 10, 2012

Shadow Kiss a Vampire Academy Novel

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NOOOOOO!!!! @RichelleMead Shadow Kiss

That's what I tweeted after I finished this book.

I know most of you can relate to my reaction because a couple of VA fans have already expressed their amusement and sympathy with me.

Here's why I like this book and why I think it's not like any other YA series.

Number One: The female leads, Rose and Lissa, are both kick ass heroines. Their weaknesses lie on their strengths and their friendship and personalities complement each other. Light and Dark, Yin and Yang. Rose is unpredictable and such a hellcat I'm kept guessing what she'll do next and Lissa is a diplomat but a closet rebel, even without compulsion, she's stirring the Moroi.

Number Two: The "voices" of the characters are so distinct that on the dialogue, I can hear them clearly in my head and their personalities shines through. Even the supporting characters doesn't fade in the background.

Number Three: It doesn't pretend to be chaste, it deals with the reality that teenagers have sex, break the rules, smoke, drink, are promiscuous, clique-y and a bunch of other dark and ugly stuff that some YA reads choose to ignore. RMead just doesn't detail the intimate stuff.

Number Four: It's full of angst, death, loss and betrayal but the characters don't whine, sulk or let the trauma get the best of them.

I hate (love) how this book ended. It's one of the best cliffhangers I've ever encountered. Please don't give me spoilers but I hope that Dimitri and Rose pulls through.


  1. *Nods* Well said.

    Yup! You feel everything in this series.


  2. I agree with all your reasons for liking this book. I love this book for those same points and more. This is one of my favorite series. It doesn't hurt that Dimitri is a super sexy character either. I also adore Rose's personality, she's so awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed this book, I don't know anyone who hasn't. ;)

    1. I honestly thought I wouldn't so I put off reading the series for the longest time and when I finally did... DAMN! That's why people can't stop talking about it!


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