February 14, 2012

I Want Your Bad Romance

We have all been swept away by our reads at one point. Fictional characters getting us excited to get some alone time so we can step inside the proverbial Wardrobe and be transported to our alternate universe.

So today, Valentine's Day, we will revisit some of those stories that made our hearts skip a beat and made us lose some sleep.

Braine: Not your typical love story but the enduring love that Florentino Ariza had for Fermina Daza mixed with tragedy and youth's foibles is both inspiring and heartbreaking. GGMarquez writes from a smitten man's perspective and tells the tale of how he fell inlove, got jilted, coped and managed to fan the flame for his first love and childhood sweetheart for 50 years.

Braine: Even before this classic Sparks novel was adapted, it had the same power that brought us to tears, made us giddy and had us falling in love with Noah. We envied Allie because we all wanted to be her. We rooted for them and cursed Mr. and Mrs. Nelson for meddling. Even in death they did not part. 

Cimmaron: I remember having to read this for a college English class. It was actually the first time I was introduced to Nicholas Sparks before all the movies came out. I remember thinking why the heck did my professor want me to read this tear jerker? It had a very profound effect on me and showed me that war, caustic individuals and even devastating illness cannot break the bonds of true love. Ugh! Just thinking about this novel still chokes me up. 

Braine: The book that made me fall in love with historical fiction. An older, tall, dark and handsome Duke falling in love with a beautiful, precocious hellcat debutante. The courtship and seduction between Whitney Stone and the Duke of Claymore is a classic. If you are into historical romance fiction, you better add this to your collection.

Braine: Priya Mac and a vulnerable Barrons, red sheets and an all out sex therapy. And the Mother of all, "You're leaving me, rainbow girl" SQUEE!!!
'Nuff said.

Cimmaron: OMG! This book is LOVE. How much I envied Mac during those months Barron's was bringing her back to sanity. I mean I would have volunteered for a few more rounds of the Jericho Barron's rehab. F*** like Braine said, You're leaving me Rainbow Girl. I swear I might have fainted after Barron's said that. 

Braine: What's not to love? 

Cimmaron: I just wish that each of the brother had 2 novels dedicated to them instead of just one. I'd love for this series to continue forever with all the original brothers. Is it possible to overdose on a book series. The BDB have done some serious damage to my sanity. 


  1. Great choices, but where is Outlander???

  2. Oooo....yes I forgot about Claire and James. Great love story there!

  3. *sigh* Luuurvvveee is a wonderful thing:D



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