February 29, 2012

Gush and Gripe #2


It's been another awesome month both in the fictional and real world for me. So let me start by Gushing over Cheree Alsop (Shadows, Galdoni, Silver Series) and Heather Hildenbrand (The Specials, Across the Galaxy, Dirty Blood). These ladies are phenomenal and such nice people to work with. I hope they will remember us once they've hit it big time because we sure will.

Octavia Spencer and Christopher Plummer winning Academy Awards for their supporting roles in The Help and Beginners respectively, was such an authentic moment. When I saw the Globes where they won that category too for their roles, it was so touching how much they've been humbled by the recognition. I'm especially happy for Mr. Plummer because for someone who's been acting for most of his life, to win an Oscar at 82 must mean more to him than anyone else in that room. It's the completion of his life's work and you can really tell the joy he felt on his acceptance speeches.

On the flip side, if you've been following our Facebook page you'd have an idea about what I'll Gripe about. TWILIGHT.

First of all I don't have anything per se about the series, like most people who read we are all critics in our own way. As for Stephenie Meyer's 401k aka Twilight, I love Jacob Black and his pack of wolves she got those magnificent beings down to a pat. The Volturri are a terrifying coven to go up against and Carlisle and Esme are such darlings. I never liked Bella and Edward. The former has no regard for her father the entire time she was in Forks, would run off and do whatever she wants not taking into consideration what her father and friends would feel. Edward is an enabler and should know better living for more than a century. 

I love reading YA and I find it a slight in behalf of upcoming or current YA authors who's works are compared to Twilight. Plot-wise Meyer's story is not all that, Bella's attitude is not something I'd want my kids to mimic in real life. If it's success they want, they should aspire to reach J.K. Rowling heights.

Why can't a book just be a book or if they want to compare it with something, why not with a proven classic? It's too early to say that Twilight will reach classic status like Austen, Stoker, Hemingway or Fitzgerald, whose writing and brilliance are taught in schools across the world and is set as an example for future writers to exemplify. Or compare it with something that it's similar with.

So why is Twilight the benchmark? And if these critics and editors aim to make a lateral comparison then at least compare it with a book who has similar characters and not with a story that doesn't have any trace of Vampires or Werewolves in it to begin with.

So drop the comparison, dear Editors and publishers and just say it like it is because most likely, the succeeding YA series will be nothing like Twilight, it will be BETTER.

So before I have a conniption, I'll end my bit here and ponder on what Bram Stoker would say about vampires that sparkle in the sun.



  1. Can I just say that I enjoyed and second both your gush and your gripe?

    Your blog and you're entitled to share an opinion, right? I like honest opinions even when I don't agree with them. I happen to agree with your- this time. :D

  2. Thanks! You are more than welcome to join us. I can't see your entire profile on my Kindle but if you have a blog you can GG with us every end of month.


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