February 13, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: Karen Marie Moning

Karen Marie Moning

An Ohio native, a die hard Linkin Park fan and arguably one of the best Urban Fantasy and Romance author of our time. It doesn't hurt that she's also easy on the eyes. I firmly believe that Mackayla Lane is her alter ego.

Karen is a gifted storyteller and unlike some of her contemporaries, her specialty are her men. From those tall, dark and handsome Highlanders to Jericho Barrons and her Tuatha de, Karen knows and writes them well. She caters to every woman's fantasy and her male POV, especially on those smexi scenes, are nothing short of brilliant. Whether it's JZB, V'lane, Drustan or Dageus one is left being the character's proverbial b!tch after you close each book.

circa 2002
So much so that fans from all over the world got warped into her world and not only got invested in her versions of Scotland and Ireland but made Karen's world a reality for them. When news of the Fever series being adapted, everyone had an opinion on who would play the parts of KMM's characters and were very much passionate about the whole thing. 

That is a testament to Karen's writing, making her world so real and accessible to everyone who got their hands on her work. Everyone feels that they are experts and would sometimes come across as someone more knowledgeable than the creator herself.

But the reason why we really love Karen is because despite her fame, she still manages to be accessible to her fans. She'd share bits and pieces of her personal life, personally comment on her Facebook page, ask our opinion on most things. She would even address petty issues and lately would often mediate between Team Momoa and Team Gandy and other picks on who to play the enigmatic Jericho Barrons (we're Team Gandy of course!). She even managed to spin it around to make the rivalry light and fun by conducting a fantasy cast to appease her very passionate and opinionated Moning Maniacs. 

Karen also draw support from us and would rarely censure our opinion and other actions to express our strong emotions for her creation. She would encourage fan work and would acknowledge and applaud their creativity. She's even hosting her own Fever con to show appreciation for her us!

But the best news of all is that the Fever world is far from over. Iced is coming out late this year as well as two other books. A graphic novel is on the way on top of the screen adaptations. 

Moning Maniacs indeed!


  1. Thank you Miss Moning. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been introduced to Barrons and subsequently woulnd't have formed an obsession with David Gandy.

    She might not go down as one of the greatest writers like Dickens, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, etc. but by golly she sure did give me hours upon hours of pleasure and exitement while reading her novels.

    Keep up the work and please give Barrons his own series. Maybe a prequel to the Fever series.

  2. I pleasantly surprised to learn from her blog that there's going to be two more books with Mac and Barrons after Dani's books.

    1. Yes....I was happy to hear that news as well when she posted it on her blog. I wish they would just come out sooner. Barron's as a BF...I wonder how that will work out. LOL!

  3. Wonderful posting! I keep my eyes peeled for anything Iced...I am hungry for more:D

    Still want more Barron's but Dani and Ryodan, do tell..sounds interesting how she will get that all going...or am I assuming Ryodan??


    1. It's available for pre-order at Amazon for a steep price of $27!

    2. I don't think I've ever paid that much for a book. I'm hoping that maybe the price will go down a bit. Amazon is pretty good but I might have to wait for the library to get a copy. That's the price of about 3-4 paperbacks!!!!!

  4. Oh I was rather naughty when I started reading this series I could not wait for DreamFever the book to arrive so I paid $21.00 for the EBOOK, ridiculous price, but I paid it and devoured it and then had to sit and wait aaaaaggggeeesssss for Shadowfever it was horrendous..hehe!!

    I've ended up with 2 hardback of Shadowfever as a friend couldn't afford it so I sent it to her direct from Book Depository as long as she sent it down to me afterwards from up North, that was the one I handed around to friends. Hardback and paperback and digital Dreamfever..hehe!! and one other friend bought me paperback Shadowfever when it was finally released as thankyou for lending her all my books:D I am a tad nuts for the series and then I have all Highlander I have read up to book 6 I think?? Just not done al reviews. I knew about the New Orleans signing...I sooo wanted to go, but no $$$$ and apparently you need that..ha! Whats with everybody in their P.J's??? My poor fever series paperbacks are looking shabby, friends have had a wonderful time and my BDB paperbacks..eeepp!! they are well loved. I shall have to get myself some lovely new ones of all that. Unfortunately couple of my little friendsies aren't as nice at reading a book and having it look just as new when finished, oh well. They had a good time reading them:D

    I'm a bit nerd alert I like my books to look nice when I have finished reading.

    Nice one girls!!


    1. I know! I hate it when the spines of my books breaks and it gets that jagged line. Your take away is that your friends loved the book and you gave them a precious gift. Maybe you should get a signed set ;)


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