February 6, 2012

Girl Crush Mondays: J.R. Ward

Jessica Rowley Pell Bird

Before Jessica became an award winning and bestselling author she was a normal person like most of us albeit a little bit smarter and more imaginative.

She double majored in history and art history whose influence can be read in her romance novels under Jessica Bird. After which she pursued Law and lent her services in the
Healthcare department for years.

In early 2000 that's when she started publishing her works under Jessica Bird. She was mainly writing romance novels, the typical Shark-in-a-suit-falling-in-love, paperback books. In one of her forewords, I read that she wasn't happy with how her Jessica Bird books were doing and felt that her contract from her then publisher will not be renewed due to disappointing sales. And that they did.
 But instead of being deterred, she decided to reinvent herself, change her pen name to J.R. Ward, turned dark and started writing about a bunch of damaged, haunting and ridiculously seductive vampires we fondly call The Brothers.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood propelled her career to bestseller status and the rest is history. Until now fan sites, RPG, youtube videos, casting couches (guilty!) and other shrines are being done by fans to pay homage to Ward's characters and books. She also has another paranormal series currently on its third book, Fallen Angels.

 Lover Reborn is on its way and I'd really like to pick J.R. Ward's mind, but while we're waiting on that, let's watch her interview about Lover Unleashed.


  1. This woman needs a standing ovation!!! Not long now until Torhments story....and the smexi * waggles eyebrows*.


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