February 9, 2012

Frostbite a Vampire Academy Novel

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It's official, I just enrolled myself in the Academy.

I wish I had more Dimitri time but I guess he's trying to do his best to stay away from Rose and RMead is helping him stay away... or trying to punish us readers for encouraging a borderline case of inappropriate relationships. But really, it's just a technicality right?

I love how Rose's relationship and her reunion with her mother went. The events following the premise set was logical. I felt Rose's resentment, annoyance, and her struggle to get approval from her mother. Although now I'm curious who her father is? Ok, wait! Don't tell me because I know I might be one of the last book blogger who haven't read Vampire Academy yet. So bask in my ignorance and relish how I gush and gripe on my future reviews.

Anwyay, these Strigoi are cold heartless sons of beezus! But I also think that the threat that they pose is good because it certainly shook down the hierarchy that is the Moroi. How many foot soldiers does one have to lose before you realize the enemy has you on check mate?

On Vampire Academy, I was so annoyed at Mia but on this one my heart went to her. Sure life wasn't that good but that doesn't give you the right to be a pain once it gets better. Events in Forstbite gave her a wake up call but now I wonder, who will be Rose's main antagonist now that Mia is sort of indebted to her?

One way to find out... Shadow Kiss.

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