February 2, 2012

Deceived a Gwen Sparks Novel

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Gwen Sparks has an enormous amount of pheromones. Is it too early to expect that Gwen will have a new boyfriend on every book? Hmmm...

Deceived takes off where Craved left us, the witches are now in the middle of waging war with the vampires. The price that Gwen has to pay is giving up Aiden, obviously, since that will be consorting with the enemy and clearly a conflict of interest.


This is where Gwen goes through another painful break up, turns out Aiden is indeed the monster that he is. Gwen should've chucked Aiden the first time she caught him with that naked witch in his house. But on hindsight, Gwen is also challenged staying faithful to Aiden due to eye candy Dorian Hade, the resident Angel of Death and Gwen's trainer, and those crazy fantasies she's having about his muscled body and handsome face. So maybe it was bound to go down the drain.

Deceived is better than Craved, SNelson is getting intimate with her characters and Gwen is more consistent. I still find it amusing that Gwen is so easily distracted by sex and attraction per se. Whether it's Ian, Aiden, Dorian, it doesn't matter, she responds to her attraction to these men in some shape or form which gets her in trouble.

Now that the Brew arc is done, I wonder what [mis]adventure Gwen will get herself into in Coveted, set for release this summer. Will she now go out with Dorian? What will happen to Aiden? Where will her Spirit Walker gig take her? How about her trial?

But before that, Stephanie et al are planning to release an anthology and below is a summary of her short from her website

As promised, Here is the cover and title for the anthology i'll be part of. My short story is told from Dorian Hade's point of view and titled: A Perfect Temptation. There is not an official release date as of yet, but we're hoping to have it out no later than March. All of the stories revolve around the paranormal.

Cupid Painted Blind? What a strange title, you guys are probably thinking. Well it's based off of one of Shakespeare's plays and we loved the meaning behind it so much that we had to use it. Cupid Painted Blind = Love is Blind.

Dorian lures Gwen to a old Bed and Breakfast Inn to hunt down and extract a ghost whose been causing trouble for the owners. While they deal with the trickster spirit, Dorian has a few tricks of his own. Surely Gwen won't be able to ignore someone as tempting as Dorian Hade, right? Especially when he's making sure that ignoring their attraction for each other isn't easy.

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  1. Awesome review guys. I have book 1 on my wishlist. It sounds pretty good. I love a good witch book. Gwen sounds like a teenage boy almost since she is so easily distracted LMAO! Very interesting, thank you so much hon :)


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