February 18, 2012

Cheree Alsop Books

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“This is the Arena, and here we live to die.” These are the words carved into a holding cell where genetically-altered gladiators, the winged humans called Galdoni, are trained to fight. Kale, rescued by three high school students and nursed back from the brink of death, is given the chance to experience life as a human. When he is captured, he has to use what he learned in the world outside the Academy in order to free the other Galdoni and return to the human girl he loves. 


Duskies are born in a dangerous world as servants of the lords of light and shadow, but when creatures known as the Sathen threaten all the races, a Duskie named Nexa finds herself caught in the middle of a perilous journey to save her people and unite the races as one. Facing dangerous odds, prejudice, and violence, Nexa finds strength in those around her and, ultimately, love.

Courtesy of Cheree Alsop we are doing a fantastic giveaway of these YA books starting next week,
February 23-28.

FIVE copies each of these wonderful books will be up for grabs.

These are just recently released titles in Amazon but I can assure you that you will swept away by Kale and Nexa's story and I'm pretty sure you've never read a tale similar to theirs. 

Hope to see you again next week!


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