January 31, 2012

Writer Wrangler: Stephanie Nelson

Stephanie Nelson
author of Gwen Sparks Series

Is there a definite date for Coveted's release?
As of right now, no. I am working on a short story told from Dorian's point of view that will be releasing soon in the anthology, Cupid painted Blind. We're hoping to have it published no later than March. My next release will be the first book in my new Anna Avery Series, Taming the Wolf. Coveted will be released this summer sometime. To stay updated on my releases i recommend following along on my author's page on Facebook.
What are your plans for the series? 
I don't have a set amount of books for this series. I actually like longer series, so i'm hoping that Gwen and the gang will allow me to keep telling their stories. I can say that the whole Brew fiasco will be wrapped up in Coveted and the fourth book will be a whole new adventure!
What does your husband think of your books? 
Does he give you input or suggestions for storylines? My husband only reads my books after i publish and have them in paperback. He loved Craved and is still working on Deceived. He brags about his wife, the author. LOL
I read somewhere that the idea for Gwen Sparks started after you put up Halloween decorations, so how did the idea for your new series, Anna Avery, came about? 
Can you tell us more about this werewolf series aside from what is on the previews and synopsis?Anna's story just popped into my head. I was writing Deceived and Anna stepped into the forefront of my thoughts and i knew i had to write about her. The first book, Taming the Wolf is about Anna coming to terms with being transformed into something she thought was only a fairy tale. Her whole personality changes as she tries to tame the wolf within her. In this book the werewolves are very primal and animalistic. She's drawn to the alpha and she doesn't understand why. But there is also another man who wants her as his mate. While she tries to ignore her feelings for the alpha, she can't. To top it off, dead bodies are showing up all over and Anna is the last one to have seen them alive. The pack assumes Anna is responsible because she has a difficult time reigning in her inner beast and Anna's not so sure anymore either. She'll have to work to find out the truth of the murders and her attraction towards the alpha.
What are you currently reading right now? 
I'm reading two different books. The first one was recommended by one of my readers, Dark Lover by J.R. Ward. The second on is Awaken by Sarah Ross. I don't have a lot of time to read so I only read a couple chapters before i set them down and get back to work. (Ooooh... we guarantee you'll be falling for one of those Brothers soon!)
What's your guilty pleasure? 
Mocha Frappachino from Starbucks.
With the success of Gwen Sparks, do you still have time for your photography? 
What subjects are fond of taking? I don't. I sold my Nikon SLR camera a couple years ago and have regretted it ever since. I plan to buy another one sometime. I like shooting nature and I took pictures of family members.

Thank you Stephanie for guesting with us and we wish you success with Gwen and Anna's story. Looking forward to Dorian's short as well.

You can find and follow Stephanie on her
Twitter @StephNel1
and her website 
where she's giving away FREE and signed copies of her Gwen Sparks series.


  1. Great interview. I am excited for all the upcoming books. I really do hope Dorian gets naked though in one. Hahhaha.

  2. Thank you for the interview!

    @Amber - You crack me up! While i cannot say Dorian and Gwen will get together or not, i can say that he'll try his hardest to win her over ; )

  3. Great Interview. I am sitting here listening to the song on Stephanies facebook page. I haven't read the books, but it's a cool song and I am listening to the words. Gwen and Dorian sound fun to read. I looked at both book trailers on Stepanies web page and they are very good. The first one with the wolf ex chappy, he is a very good wolfy chappy.

    I love Urban Fantasy! Well done!


    1. Lol yeah that wolf is hot but messed up. I'm expecting Dorian to put another meaning to "death by sex" being the Angel of Death.

    2. Hot and messed up...hmmm...I must have a read of these books.

      I have just been sent a book from Andy Gavin, I too went who is Andy Gavin, well he is the Crash Bandicoot creator and Jax and Dexter, OMG!! 40 million games sold. Now he is turning his hand to writing and it's a vampire book. So ....whah! I am rather intrigued to read The Darkening Dream. Started his game company Naughty Dog at age 15!! OMG!!! I shall have to interview him, he sounds amazing. So I shall be up half the night no doubt reading.

      Have a great day!



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