January 10, 2012

Witches 101: A Witches of East End Primer

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As you all know I've fallen in love with Melissa's other series,
Blue Bloods and on the novella Bloody Valentine, I met Freya Beauchamp as she tried to help Oliver Hazard-Perry get over Schuyler Van Alen.

I am a fan of Melissa de la Cruz's writing so when Amazon released this primer, I grabbed myself a copy to see if her witches would be as captivating as her vampires.

Set in the Hamptons, Joanna Beauchamp and her daughters Freya and Ingrid are trying to be as low-key as possible, trying to pass off as normal instead of the powerful witches that they are. But that proved to be difficult when they found themselves right smack in the middle of the Hamptons high society when Freya got engaged to philanthropist and most eligble bachelor, Bran Gardiner.

This primer is a good preview of the novel itself especially if you are not quite decided on whether or not you'd like to start de la Cruz's adult series. The characters are interesting and living for centuries, their back stories promises intrigue, fantastic witchcraft and other adventures.

According to Melissa, she decided to finally write the series for her Blue Bloods fans that are now adults. She also added that this series was inspired by the Salem Witch trials, Norse mythology and Blue Blood character/s will make an appearance on the books too.  


  1. I have every Blueblood sitting on my shelf and not opened them up yet. Not sure why, maybe it's the amount of hours in a day..hehe. But they are sitting here waiting for me and they are such little books, that I really should, but then ..* sigh* I am finding myself very off track as so much to do on blog etc...and need to get my list of books to read and stick to it. I have to tell the new books not to push in line.


  2. Blue Bloods can be snobby and it can be off putting at first but it's either (a) I'm a snob or (b) i just have eccentric taste that made me like the series hahahaha. This one looks good though and it's not a YA book.


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