January 26, 2012

Vessel Children of the Sidhe Novella

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And my affair with the Sidhe continues with Vessel, the second novella in J.R. Pearse Nelson's Children of the Sidhe series.

In Tribute, we were left with the aftermath of the battle between the Fomorii and with Ian and Hazel's prodding, they decided to gather the remaining half-human Sidhe and bring them back to the fold. This didn't sit well with the other Tuatha De Danann, a more conservative group are planning on killing the innocent, unloved and ignored the half-humans.

In the middle of this Alise Rodgers, a witch and Hazel's BFF, finds herself having mysterious dreams that will prove to be instrumental in stopping or delaying this impending slaughter. Eddie Drake, a Sidhe Authority agent and Hazel's former flame, found himself bewitched by Alise and together they unfold the rest of the conspiracy that threatens Otherworld.

First off, I adore Alise and her Mom's unconventional relationship, as if being powerful witches is not enough, they have a certain degree of trust and openness that some might find enviable or questionnable. Even Hazel and Alise's friendship is solid. I mean Alise is dating Hazel's ex and in the real world that rarely flies between girlfriends but in Nelson's world, the premise she set made these relationships believable. Usually I nitpick on small nuisances like this but it felt rational that Alise and Drake would fall for each other. I am also a fan of how Alise and Drake fell in love, it was so organic and the way it happened was very natural.

I'll be bold and say that Vessel is better than Tribute, not that the latter was bad but the story is getting richer and more interesting because J.R. Pearse is letting the characters tell the story for us. The love story is exciting and the conflict more intriguing, (Morrigan just got herself involved in the war, yay!)and the underlying threat to the Otherworld and the Children promises something epic in the future. This story is perfect for a novella format and the cliffhangers are done just right for the next arc of the story to take off from. Though the tale shifts from different perspectives, there is an underlying theme that ties it all together just like any other series and the flow of the main story is fluid and doesn't stall.

However being in novella length, I'm sure you'll find limitations that would leave you wanting more developments on some characters or events but in my opinion, it actually works well with this story. It keeps it focused on the highlights instead of the endless fillers we usually read in novel series. My personal comment is I'd like to see more character development on the male leads by adding another layer in their personalities that will make them more distinct and synonymous to a word or adjective (ie Barrons - arrogant; V'lane - sexy; Eric Northman - viking).

Nonetheless, I will most definitely follow these Children, their amorous affairs and their fate behind the veil.


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