January 8, 2012

Van Alen Legacy Blue Bloods Novel

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The fourth book in the very aristocratic vampire series, Blue Bloods, Van Alen Legacy is a turning point of sorts in the story. This is where the story peaks, changes occur, characters going against their pre ordained destinies and traditions. Picking up where Revelations left off, it seems that those secrets will now become public.

I know that the series took a lot of crap because of its aristocratic air and the materialism attached to the story. But the "human" characters are mere aliases, a shell of these Fallen Angels who, through the course of time, have been in war with each other, one lifetime after the next, always getting close to vanquishing their common enemy, Lucifer, but never quite succeeding.

Plus moving forward with the series I think de la Cruz listened to her critics when Blue Bloods came out and got some backlash on all that Gossip Girl parallelism. With continous label dropping it seemed like a narrative fiction version of Vogue, one would ask if those designers paid her to advertise their stuff. As the story continues we're seeing less and less of that and if there are mentions of it, it's for the sake of consistency.

I will stand by my verdict and say that Blue Bloods is a well though out story. Research on those Fallen Angels are true to the ancient tale told by Enoch. It is multi layered in the sense that de la Cruz's characters are rich in history, and baggage, and everyone remembers the good and the bad of every lifetime shared. It is also a female-centric series and Melissa, in my opinion, writes them well.


  1. The cover is gorgeous, hands down. I've seen this series at my library before but I don't know why I was so reluctant to pick it up. But now... I need to get it on my hands asap!

  2. I am glad to hear this gets better. I think that is part of my apprehension towards this series. Just seems snobbish and I definitely don't like the whole Gossip Girl tie in *gag* But I like that there is history in there and we get to see it from all sides. Great review hon, still iffy, but I will give it a whirl. Thanks hon :)

  3. Amalia - like what Diana said it's snobbish at first but the story is super rich in history.

    Diana - ikr? my perseverence paid off :)


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