January 8, 2012

Revelations a Blue Bloods Novel

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This is why I love this series:
  • It's fast-paced
  • The intrigue never ends
  • Strong female protagonists
  • Perfect blend of Vampire-Angel mythology
I understand that Blue Bloods is a series not tailored for everyone because aside from its snobby series title, de la Cruz's version of Manhattan is more Gossip Girl than Friends or even HIMYM.

But de la Cruz weaves a story really well and the flow of her story is easy, she just sticks to the pow wow events and doesn't linger on the fillers. And as the story unfolds, I find myself shifting my loyalty towards Mimi Force instead of the predictable Sky or even Bliss, who is a nutcase by the way. I know she's not what you'd expect a YA female lead to be and you'd hardly call her lovable or even charming. She's this socialite fashionista by day and also known as the Angel of Death in the Blue Bloods circle, she's vain, selfish, conniving and a real -itch!

And that's why I love her.

She keeps me guessing and her sudden bursts of compassion and acts of loyalty takes me by surprise which makes her even more endearing, enriching the layers of her character. I don't know what she'll do next to get what she wants. Which begs the question: when the war peaks, will she stay loyal to Michael and Gabrielle or will she pledge loyalty to the Morningstar?

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